Friday, November 19, 2010

Organizing patterns: COSTS!!!!

Ok, when I was writing my last post I was assuming that costs would be high, but here is more precise calculation  for 300 patterns after my trip to Staples:

1. 4 x 3" binders ( I went for 3" instead of 4", and took 'durable' instead of 'heavy duty' binders to save money) = 4 x $10.99 = $43.96 total

2. 3 packs of 100 pc each of 9"x12" manila envelopes= 3 x $8.29 = $24.87

3. sheet protectors ( $19.99 for a pack of 100) = $19.99 (I haven't bought more because I had some at home)

total: $88.82

I am sure that ordering online woudl save money. But if you want to cut costs of this project drastically, do not buy Binders and use an iPhone app, such as Pattern Pal or Sewing Kit (I prefer the latter)


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