Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mad Men Project: Reality Check

So, Mad Men Fashion Project #1 (and part of my holiday wardrobe): circular skirt!

Digging in
I did find some nice full skirt patterns in my vintage pattern stash, but there was always something I was not happy about. I knew I need to be able to manipulate the garment and the best way to go about it is draping it.

Draped it will be
This draping book - Draping: Art and Craftmanship in Fashion Design, by Annette Duburg and Rixt van der Tol – is exactly what I need. (By the way, it seems it was sold out on Amazon and the price is outrageous now.)

It has instructions on how to drape a one-seam circular skirt. With holidays approaching faster than I can handle I need the simplest possible design. I will compensate it with fabric and trimming and choose something special.

The Plan
I want to finish this skirt by Christmas. I will drape it, cut it, sew it, wear it and while I am working on it I will be posting instructions and observations on this blog, so, dear friends, if you want to DRAPE-ALONG please join me.

Small Print
I have never draped in my life! And I have never hosted any drape-along or sew-along! But if I don’t try I will never know, right? Remember, we set our own limits! And if we manage to put together a small drape-along circle I am sure we will learn from each other.

Next Steps
Starting from tonight, I will be posting instructions and comments on the project. We will use the draping textbook as inspiration for this project. Please reply to this post so I know if anyone is interested in it. If yes, I will set up a separate group on Flickrso everyone can upload images and exchange ideas and feedback.

Ok, wish me good luck!


  1. Will be following your progress in detail! I bought Draping: Art and Craftsmanship in Fashion Design, by Annette Duburg and Rixt van der Tol months ago but still intimidated by it. Too be honest I'm way to much of a beginner to dive onto draping. I have too many sewing projects and sew alongs at moment so will watch :)

  2. Great! Actually that motivates me a lot to see that you are interested in how it progresses.

    I think draping sounds more intimidating than it is. But, well, I am a novice in draping myself so let's see how it works.

    Meanwhile, I realized that the instructions in the book are not very accurate. I had to try it twice yesterday and try it before I had it right. But more about it tomorrow :-)

  3. Definitely interested. I have it in my head that draping makes is more easy to be creative and spontaneous and allows you to construct something as you want from scratch. That was why I bought the book very early in my sewing learning journey. But obviously one needs to master it or have a minimum knowledge.

  4. I want to learn how to drape too.... . It's so special and interesting. Do you think the book is really good? If so i'll buy it too. I saw the dutch version somewhere so lucky me ha. I hope you had a beautifull skirt to wear for christmass.



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