Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Couture Patterns (2): V7540 Dress by Claire Shaeffer

I am so excited about my growing collection of Shaeffer's Custom Couture designs for Vogue Patterns!

So, the next on the list is V7540: Misses' Dress & Belt (OOP). I purchased this out-of-print pattern this week on eBay - for very reasonable price.

Fitted, lined, straight, sleeveless dress, mid-knee, has welts and back zipper. A: armhole shields (I've seen those on dresses with sleeves only - very practical) and pockets. Lined belt has button closure.

Ok, the design is basic, but I am really interested in couture construction techniques for the neckline and armholes. I am sure i will discover more when the pattern arrives.


  1. That's a very nice dress. I love the buttoned belt; it's very nice!

    Are you planning to make it for the challenge?

  2. Thanks, This is a different challenge, actually. I would love to sew (all the) Claire Shaeffer's designs to learn Couture Techniques first-hand. For the Colette pattern challenge, however, I am torn between Mad (Wo)Men theme and mid-century modern. The latter would be less time consuming, but requires purchasing new fabric - and I would like to avoid it by all means... Oh, design decisions! I am tormented by inspiration. Haw far are you? I am going to check your blog, I am sure it will motivate me...




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