Saturday, February 19, 2011

Win a Book! --- Sewing Gadget Mania: No.1 / The 'Lady's Knife'

The Lady's Knife by Bernina, a.k.a. Swiss Sewessential
Every man ought to own a great swiss army knife, right? I also have one and I love it. Mine carries just 15 tools, but it can have as many as 85 tools (no joke, an 2lb/1kg pocket knife)! It is, no doubt, a cult object for men, but how about us, ladies???? 

Well, Bernina would not be a swiss company if they had not offered this ultimate Lady's Swiss Knife:
"The versatile tool, dubbed the 'Swiss Sewessential: the ultimate Swiss sewing accessory', consists of 17 superbly crafted individual tools, including a special rotary knife, awl and hem-measure, and combines outstanding BERNINA quality with WENGER's tried-and-tested precision. The practical pocket sewing tool's 'multifunction tool' represents a further sophisticated innovation launched by BERNINA: the universal tool encompasses a handful of individual gadgets that are a breeze to remove and reinsert. This smart sewing machine accessory will be available for purchase from all BERNINA stockists."       
Special rotary knife? hem measure? awl? so, now I am obsessing about the Swiss Sewessential!!!! I am such a sucker for gadgets. If you want to buy it, google for 'Swiss Sewessential' - I found one in Germany for 85 euro, not cheap, admit, but isn't it a fun gadget to have ?

Sewing gadgetmania: win a book!!!

Ok, this knife made me start a new series here, on my blog, Sewing Gadget Mania (that is, sewing gadgets that can beat men's swiss army knives, or even iPhones?).

So, for the following 10 weeks, every Friday, I will post a new gadget here, and this Lady's Knife from Bernina is #1 on the list.

What about you? Do you like it? Would you pay so much for this tool? And, what are you favourite sewing tools? Let me know if you have a great tool you wouldn't want to part with, and I will post your suggestion on my blog. How would it qualify? Ask, what makes the tool so valuable? Is it the producer? An outstanding quality? Maybe, it is not produced any longer? Is it antique, or vintage? Is it innovative? But, at the end, it's a judgement call, so just submit your suggestions.

I would love to hear from you!!!! Leave a comment here or send me a mail at at gmail dot com.

A poll will determine the most popular gadget, and the winner will get this great sewing book featuring another cult object...

To win the book, submit your gadget proposal by April 28th, 2011.

vintage pattern giveaway!

Finally, even if you don't submit a gadget proposal, but like the idea, feel free, if you like, to grab this badge and display it on your blog. If you display the badge by March 1st, I will add your name to a Vintage Pattern Giveaway drawing (I am de-stashing my 300+ vintage patterns and will post three giveaway patterns shortly, shipping is free).

Below is the html code:

Don't forget to post a comment letting me know that you added the badge. I will draw the winner on March 1st.

Good luck everyone, thank you and hope you enjoy the Gadgetmania!

P.S. I had to add this note after today's trip to the Garment District: The Bernina Dealer actually had the Swiss Sewessential, however, he had no idea what it was. So, if you want to splurge ($85) ask authorized dealer in your area for the Swiss Sewessential - you may be lucky!


  1. I´d never heard of such a thing! I admit I´m quite basic when it comes to buying sewing gadgets. I´ve been trying to locate a presser clapper in Spain for some time but my research proved it is not used or even heard of over here. I then asked professional tailor makers how they pressed collars and most of them said they used only the ironing board. I also learned from them they use just a few of these tools.
    BUT I still want-need-must have a clapper.

  2. Thanks for your nomination, La Inglesita. I guess you mean, Point Presser and Clapper. I will post your submission for the want-need-must-have gadget shortly!

  3. I am intrigued by anything based on this concept! 17 in 1 means I could spend a lot less time looking for tools around my studio!:)) What happens if I need two at a time or one quickly after another? Hmm... I'd still give this tool a try! The perfect use would be if you're travelling and you're a compulsive dress maker!:))

  4. Magda, mind your nails, though! Pulling those tools comes at a cost! As great as it looks, it's not a tool for home use, but a perfect travel companion. I wish I had it during my Xmas trip when I was frantically finishing 3 of my garments and had to pack a small box full of tools, which kept disappearing one after another during the two weeks of travel in Europe :-)

  5. That sounds incredibly helpful, if not for the fact that I'm prone to lose small gadgets and it would be really sad to lose 17 tools in one go...

    The tool I use most in sewing is probably my seam ripper. I'm still a beginner sewist, so lots of seams to rip... But two tools I really wish I had (and that I'd like to buy as soon as my student budget acquires some surplus cash...) are a pressing ham and a rotary cutter. They would make sewing quite a bit easier, I think. :)

  6. Thanks Alessa, I will upload your nomination for the seam ripper and rotary cutter shortly! A ham has already been featured here :-) seems like the ham is one of the top favourites...

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Hua cai- OMG there you go again. !! I'm surprised you havnt been deleted. !! I've gotta be wrong about this, help me out here Hua. Is this really what it looks like or am I just some naive, over-the-hill, no-nothing that dosn't quite get what you're about ?? Help me the hell out here girl 'cos you're killing my buzz....

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