Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sewing Gadget Mania: No.3 Tailor's Ham and Seam Roll by Magda

This nomination is submitted by Magda of http://magdamagdadesignstudio.blogspot.com/

Tailor’s Ham, Dressmaker’s Ham, or just Ham, this tool is essential to preserve a curved shape when pressing or shaping any curved garment section. It is especially helpful for pressing darts, curved shoulder seams, princess seams over the bust, and the hip area of side seams.  It is essential, in my opinion, for shaping the sleeve cap or the collar roll.

I have added to the submission a seam roll since a ham and a seam roll are often sold together, and, in addition, they are made in a similar way, with wool on one side and cotton on the other. The wool absorbs moisture rapidly, facilitating any shaping or pressing process.

In addition, the seam roll is narrow enough to fit into a sleeve and pant leg. It’s shape prevents a ridge from forming when pressing seams open, provided seam allowance is wide enough (at least 1” - 2.5cm in couture garments).

I would recommend buying the ham and the seam roll. It is readily available in many US online stores, or on Amazon. However, if you want to make it yourself, there is a Kwik Sew pattern for both pieces available again on Amazon. Finally, there are helpful instructions on making the ham VintageSewing.info (great site for vintage sewing techniques) 

Thank you, Magda!

P.S. If you missed the original post on Sewing Gadget Mania and the opportunity to win the Little Black Dress Book, read it here


  1. I bought a pair (ham and seam roll) from The Cupcake Goddess' etsy shop (link from www.thecupcakegoddess.com) - really adorable!!

  2. Ah thank you! I'm getting ready to make a piece of ham! You've made such an awesome banner, nice seeing my blog link there!

  3. Pammie, I read that post on your blog. I agree, they look really cute - almost bought one from the Cupcake Goddess myself, but I already had one. I tried to do a ham myself, but mine was too soft. It really needs to be firm for good pressing results.

  4. Hi Magda, feel free to repost the banner if you like and thanks for yoiur submission again



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