Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sewing Gadget Mania: No.2 Point Presser & Clapper by La Inglesita

Thanks to La Inglesita for submitting the second nomination for 'want-need-must-have' sewing gadgets:

She writes:
"I´ve been trying to locate a presser clapper in Spain for some time but my research proved it is not used or even heard of over here. I then asked professional tailor makers how they pressed collars and most of them said they used only the ironing board. I also learned from them they use just a few of these tools. BUT I still want-need-must have a clapper."
For those who need an introduction to the Point Presser and Clapper, Threads Magazine describes it as 'an invaluable piece of equipment that sells for around $20'.
"It's a classic, hardwood pressing tool that's really two tools in one. The top, narrow-surfaced, point presser side works like a tiny ironing board for pressing hard-to-reach seams and enclosed corners, like those on collars, lapels, and cuffs. 
A point presser is invaluable for pressing hard-to-reach seams. Slip the seam, wrong side up, over the point and press open.
The bottom, clapper side is used to apply pressure to set permanent creases, form crisp edges, and flatten bulky seams. To use it, first apply steam to the area with your iron, then press with the clapper, leaning on it and applying as much pressure as possible. Hold this position until both the fabric and wood (which presses the steam into the area without adding heat) have cooled. "
La Inglesita is a runner up for this great book:

If you want to nominate your very special must have gadget and win this book, read more here.  A poll will decide the best nomination!


  1. all the things I was living without, how could I?:D I think there are instructions for making one of those here http://www.ca.uky.edu/hes/fcs/FACTSHTS/CT-MMB-214.pdf ... I found the pdf looking for a tailor's ham tutorial, another thing that I don't know how much I missed but I plan to make and see:)

  2. I have never used one of these but might need to get one.

  3. back... I grabbed your code and put it on my blog,thanks for adding me to your blog list too! I'd love to win that book! I'd be interested in an article abt the french curve, another thing I don't have and I don't seem to find... BTW I'm thinking abt making one myself!

  4. Thank you Magda!

    I will add your Tailor's ham and French Curve nomination to the list and post an entry shortly! I guess I will need to add a page to make a coherent list of great tools we all love and must have :-)

  5. Hi Suzy, thank you for commenting! I very impressed by the number of garments you made since I have started following you and love them all! This Point Presser and Clapper is really great tool to have for tailoring especially. As for the Swiss Sewessential (aka Swiss army knife for ladies), it is more of a toy or a pun, but I would use it anyway :-)



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