Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sewing from the ugliest pattern in my stash?..

I may indeed, as it is this week's challenge on Sew Weekly: finding an ugly pattern and making someting really nice out of it.  Here what Mena of Sew Weekly says about the concept:

"This week is all about finding the good in the seemingly bad. In other words, break out those hideous patterns that are at the bottom of your stash and make a stunning creation!"

And the pattern is picked, I just don't know if I will be able to come up with some ideas for a stunning creation. I got it as a part of a bigger pattern lot on eBay and could not get rid of it.  Ick, this patchwork vest...

I am happy i am not the only owner of an ugly pattern. Check the Sew Weekly thread to see more hideous examples of styling and design. Interesting, but most of them are from 70s and 80s... Do you own ugly patterns, and if yes how did they end up in your stash?


  1. Oh what fun - that's a design challenge!
    Sewing from stash can be a bit like that - thinking up what to do with that ugly fabric I somehow acquired. Everything has potential though - it is just realising it that is the problem! Look forward to what you come up with.

  2. Thank you for the chuckle this morning! If you ever find that you have nothing else beautiful to make, I will happily send you a piece of left over cotton to try that vest out. Of course, you know it could be couture if you also make that hat and the clutch to go with!

  3. I do not think there ugly patterns, since these can make wonderful things with a little imagination, if you wear this vest with a beautiful fabric, surely the effect will change.



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