Friday, April 8, 2011

Sewing Gadgetmania 7: EZY Hem Gauge from Dritz

Continuing the Sewing Gadgetmania series, here is one tool that has become really invaluable to me:

EZY HEM Gauge includes both inches and metric measurements and allows you to hem ¼ to 4” on a straight edge and ¼ to 2 ½ “ on a curved edge.

The reverse side of the gauge

All you need to do is turn up the edge, insert the EZY HEM Gauge, align the edge of the fabric with the corresponding marking on the gauge and press it using steam. On hems, you will need to move the gauge along the hem line and continue pressing.

On curved hems, pre-stitch or baste with a small running stitch the edge of the hem and pull the thread once the hem is turned over the gauge, press.

This tool works great also with pockets, patterns, patches, appliqués, belts and any edges that need to be neatly turned over.

I used hem gauge to turn over and press the center back edge of my daughters 'Birthday Party Dress'.
This saved me some additional marking work

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  1. I have one that I bought on impulse, just because it looked like a gizmo that would make a job I hate easier. It makes hemming easy and fun! I enjoy hemming now. I use it for all sorts of things, too. I love mine.

  2. I own one. One drawback is that it can get very hot. Recognizing that, the product package recommends some kind of quilter's tool to use as a handle. They should sell that with the guide.



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