Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Inspiration Tuesday: Tango

Yesterday, I realized I was in love with Tango.

I’ve spent the night watching videos, making scribbles of names, titles I have to listen and to watch.  I fell asleep exhausted but happy – the whole new world has opened to me.

Somehow I feel that tango gives you a freedom to part from a set of fixed steps, rules, and to create your own individual visual language through the dance. This is what attracted me.

I am so looking forward to expressing it in my summer wardrobe somehow.

This is what the personal style is about. It’s about your visual language, expressing your emotions with the help of clothes and accessories, hair and make up. Wouldn’t you agree?

I feel I am lucky to find a departing point for my new passion:

Pamela Roland dress (V1232)
Those flounces and the flower are just perfect. I feel that fabric choice will strongly influence the character of the dress…

What was one of the strongest inspiration moments for you? And, were you able to reflect it in your style? Or, is there a connection between your favorite art, music, dance and your style? I would  love to hear from you!


  1. OMG! I LOVE TANGO! I love the dresses too. Even more so than the music. I don't actually get to go tango dancing but I've been flirting with ideas for 'dance outfits' when I actually get out of the house.

  2. Good topic. My usual method is to go through my stash and my inspiration file until I find a good match, but after reading this I realized that that mostly happens when the house is empty and the music is cranked up loud. :D

  3. Javier and Geraldine are fabulous dancers. Are you going to learn Argentine tango? It's such a beautiful dance.

  4. I also love tango! When I went to Argentina on holidays, some 4 years ago, I actually enrolled in tango lessons. But I failed at finding a suitable dancing partner and venue when came back and have forgotten all.



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