Thursday, May 19, 2011

All set for the 'Chanel' jacket!

I have more exciting news, dear readers! I am going to join the Classic French Jacket Class with Susan Khalje in Baltimore tomorrow! And in a week, I will have my own Chanel French jacket, made using the finest couture techniques!

It's been very stressful at work lately, so sewing vacation is just what I need! Six days of sewing with eleven other couture enthusiasts and Susan Khalje, whose work I was craving to see for so long.

It took me long time to find and choose the right fabric - I could not find much in the Garment District... better bouclés at Linton Tweeds were sold out, and, yet, finally, I found this great piece which I love!

this beautiful bouclé was bought at Mendel Goldberg in Chinatown.

Image: New York Times

It's a beautiful store packed up to ceiling with great fabrics. And their basement is full of end of roll treasures, which you get for a bargain price. Check out this slide show from New York Times for a little bit of history of this great place.

Meanwhile, I still have to pack! And, I need to finish my muslin! Tomorrow at around lunch time I am meeting the rest of the group at Mendel Goldberg, and after a quick lunch in the area we will get trims in the Garment District and head toward Baltimore.

I will be posting here updates as often as possible, so stay tuned for the next post!

Have you taken any sewing classes? And what classes would you love to take?


  1. oh, i am SO jealous!!! a whole week!! and very intrigued about mendel's, i forget there's anywhere else to search in NY besides 38th st :)

    have a BLAST, i know you will!

  2. I can't wait to see your jacket and hear more. I will also have to check out that fabric store.

  3. Marcy, Erika, the store is amazing, but the prices are very high - well worth the quality, but still - they had pieces for as high as $250 per yard! out of my league, honestly... I was able, however, to find some reasonably priced boucle in their basement, as I said, with almost 50% discount for the remaining 4 yards. In any case, it's worth visiting :-)

  4. Congrats from a long time reader! I look forward to your updates during your class. Enjoy your sewing vacation!

  5. thanks, Amy! I am so looking forward, even though I am spending night finishing muslin before the class - something I should have done long ago!

  6. oh WOW! You are going to have a BLAST! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  7. Very exciting, I hope you have a great time and learn a lot!

  8. Wow, this class sounds like a dream. I can't wait to see what you come home with!

  9. What a great time you'll have! Look forward for all the updates!

  10. I never saw this place, but now i'm intrigued!
    I go buy all my fabrics and essentials in a place where you might find something or nothing at all, but the prices are incredibles (you have to haggle, also helps!) Jem fabric warehouse 355 Broadway ny. it's not clean/neat kind of place, be aware! i'm following you now, want to see the chanel jacket finished :)



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