Sunday, May 15, 2011

Burdastyle Day party!

Burdastyle has somehow become the focus of this week for me. First, my guest post has appeared on their website, and then, on Thursday, I went to the Burdastyle Day party at Purl Soho here in New York. It was small and sweet, and I had a chance to meet the Burdastyle team and some of my favourite bloggers and Burdastyle members! How cool is that?

Most of the images I took turned out blurry (blame the iPhone), sorry, but here are my favourites:

I finally met Marcy of Oonaballoona! She is one of my favourite bloggers!
...and my celebrity moment :-) 

Visit Burdastyle photostream for better shots of this fun event! And, thank you Burdastyle, for organizing this meetup!

Have you attended a Burdastyle party in your area? Do you occasionally meet other sewing and fashion bloggers?


  1. hehe awesome! so nice to see you both in a pic at BS party, it's like my favorite pages in my browser are having a party! congrats on guest posting on BS, looking forward to read all you have to say abt sewing and couture here and there...:)

  2. @magdamagda
    Thanks Magda, I thought it must be you, when I saw that there was the first comment :-) It's such a pity you are so far away - I would love to meet you in person too!

  3. Awesome fun! Have not yet attended any meetups with other sewing bloggers but itching to do it.

  4. what marina doesn't say is that i was just as thrilled to meet her! and absolutely mortified to show her the extremely NON couture hem on my silk....

    it was so much fun to meet you & i hope we can have a little garment district fun in the future :). magda, you will be there in spirit!



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