Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Necktie project: An Intro to fine ties

This video by the Guardian explains it best, what I will try to accomplish. Stay tuned for a detailed list of suggestions for tie fabrics, interfacings, tools, notions and resources. Feel free to join any time or leave a comment with questions or suggestions.


  1. 2 years I tried to make a tie for my husband and I bought David Page Coffin PDF http://myvirtualworkshop.blogspot.com/2008/12/making-neckties-at-home.html
    Unfortunately it was a wadder. I could not manage the mitered corners. I love ties and I should have another go when time allows
    In the mean time let me know if this Pdr is of any use for you

  2. Marie-Noelle, I purchased the same PDF. David has some great suggestions, I will be combining some of his with my observations, plus some internet research. There are quite a few video as well that demonstrate the process. I will try to demonstrate the mitered corner - it can be tricky if you follow still images or written instructions.

    My husband is so looking forward to it! :-)

  3. Did you find the necktie interfacing ?

  4. what a coincidence! Actually, I did! Yesterday I ordered 5 different types of tie interfacing online - I will post a list of resources tonight, or, at latest tomorrow.



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