Sunday, May 1, 2011

Vote to make this blog a more exciting space for us!

My fellow seamstresses, designers and couture aficionados!

I started this blog to connect to the online sewing and design community and to share with you my passion for Haute Couture. I enjoy the process and your feedback and critiques very much! 

For me, blogging is about sharing, so I would like to make this place more exciting for you. While I am determined to continue focusing on my favorite subject, Haute Couture, I would love to know what would interest you most, so, every time you pass by, you enjoy spending some time here!

Please, take a minute to vote in the poll in the right sidebar, or leave a comment after this post!

Thank you! 


  1. Let your heart and passion speak for themselves.
    This blog is yours and choose to deal with whatever is dear to you.

  2. Trying again... I clicked 'other'- what every moves you! Sometimes the oddest things inspire sewing or design, or sometimes there is something totally unrelated that needs to be shared.

  3. I agree with Marie-Noelle and Laurie, and I think your blog is unique as a result! Keep it up :)

  4. Thank you! I agree with you all. Blogging is like a dairy, but being a public diary it can also be about the audience. As a journalist (non-english speaking though :-) I always think about the reader. I choose the "What", and the reader determines the 'How". I think the whole theme of blogging is very interesting and I could go on and on about it :-)

  5. I voted! Your blog is already very reader-welcoming! And quite a unique combo! Your articles on sewing gadgets and techiques are great,and I already won twice;) And I must say I also love your graphics! Link to any of my posts anytime, I'd love the surprise to discover myself in your posts which I never miss by the way! you make me feel like a winner again;)

  6. I voted, but I agree that blogs, in general, are really more about the person doing the blogging than the 'audience'. That said, the seeming contradiction is that the best, most readable blogs are those that come from the heart & passion of the writer :)

    You can't please everyone, but you can do your best to please yourself! ;-)



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