Thursday, June 23, 2011

70 Hours to the Dream: my new Burdastyle blog post!

Dear readers, if you are still not tired of the Classic French Jacket Class, please read this Guest Post on!


I am blogging on Burdastyle every two weeks, sharing my experiences (and failures) in learning couture sewing. If you have any suggestions for next topics, I would love to hear them! I will be happy to research, try and write about anything couture - the more challenging, the better! :-)


  1. I´m fascinated by this series, excellent posts Marina. I´m quite intrigued by methods to give structure and support to haute couture gowns, so there goes my suggestion.

  2. Wauw -congrats on your featuring on Burda!
    What was the most useful lesson learned doing the entire progress fron planning the Jacket, signing up for a class to being featured on Burda?

  3. Not tired at all! I read your post on BS, then saw your lovely and quite unique jacket here. I tried once making a Chanel jacket (a coat, actually), but picked up a wrong type of fabric. The coat turned quite nice, but it wasn't constructed using Coco's technique. I'll have to give it a try once again!

  4. @DaneMum Thank you! I think the most useful lesson was that I have to approach big couture project with a lot patience and organization - project like french jacket, or lace, or boning - all take a lot of time, so I break up the work into a few smaller chunks - then it doesn't feel like endless thing.

    I also learned that whatever you do during the process think about possible uses in other project. For example, if you invested a day into making and fitting a muslin - make sure you can use it for another jacket (altering maybe only the length, or choosing another fabric etc). Or if you make a silk bias strip, make more and store it - you will definitely need it for another project!...

    By the way, this is a great idea for the post, so thanks!



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