Saturday, June 4, 2011

A comment from Claire Shaeffer!

Couture Sewing Techniques, Revised and Updated

Dear readers,

Today I received an email from Amazon saying that I got  a comment on my review of Claire Shaeffer's revised edition of Couture Sewing Techniques. And as I have already gave away in the title of this post the commenter was Claire Shaeffer in person! Yes, it was, a little bit, a celebrity moment for me. But what I was more excited about is that we, as readers of these books and customers of Amazon, have this great opportunity to influence what is offered to us by authors and publishers! So, here is the comment:
"Yes, authors read the reviews on Amazon. When I began the revision, I had several goals which included making the book more user friendly and making it different enough that owners of the first edition would want to buy it. I reviewed the posts for the earlier edition and listened to comments from my students.  
I own many of the garments photographed in the new book so I could examine them again and again if needed. This isn't always possible with museum garments.  
I cried at times because I had to replace many of the photos in the original book and highly recommend you buy it. There are some text deletions and many photo substitutions in the Revision.  
Yes, writing is sometimes painful; but, if you like the book, it's worth it. 

Claire Shaeffer"
Do you review books on your blog, or on Amazon, or anywhere else? If yes, what's your motivation to sit down and to write a review?


  1. I write reviews because I find them very helpful when I am comparing products. I'm just trying to return the favor. Plus if a product or store is especially great, I want to spread the word so others will buy it or shop there and it will continue to exist (rather than go out of business, etc.). If something was lousy, I post reviews in the hopes of saving someone else some money.

  2. I write reviews and post them on my LiveJournal, Amazon, Good Reads and Library Thing. I originally started doing it as part of a small (internet) book group, reading and discussing books. The reviewing helped me think about the books and understand them. Then other people started reading them and commenting, and I kept doing it. Now I would feel funny if I read a book and didn't review it!

  3. I'm a book-o-holic and reading other people reviews often helps me decide wether or not to buy the book I'm looking at. The fact that I benefit of reviews motivates to write reviews myself - hoping my reviews will halp others

  4. how cool, marina!!

    my CS books are in a storage bin in LA-- i got them for a dollar each at an estate sale where the guy didn't know what was what.



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