Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Finished: Oliver & S Ice Cream Dress

So, here is the finished Ice Cream Dress from Oliver & S. The print is a screen printed cotton from Robert Kaufman. I pre-washed it, which caused the fabric to get off-grain. It took me some pressing and stretching to grain the fabric, but there is still some distortion...

The next on the list is the V-notch on pockets and on the neckline. I blogged about the infamous V-Notch Tutorial yesterday and will try the techniques you suggested this week. If you also struggle with sharp V-points on your garments, check out comments under the linked post - there are some really great suggestions there. As for print matching - I think it was overall quite fine - and it was pretty easy

the back of the dress...
...with a little perl button
I also understitched the hem by hand - really enjoyed the process after a stressful working week!

Here is my little one modeling the dress. No ice cream, but a lot of Hello Kitty stickers on her hand :-)

She wears it with confidence! That's a good sign, or? :-)


  1. Melt my heart! She's adorable!

    Your understitching is GAWjuss!

  2. This is a very cool dress for a little girlie! I'm always off-put by the price of the Oliver & S patterns but whenever I see them made up I'm assured they are worth it!

  3. Such a gorgeous dress. Love the pockets.

    She looks a perfect sweetie in it :)

  4. Thank you! She likes it too, it seems - today she brought it to me after I offered her another dress (she cannot talk well yet :-)

  5. What an adorable sweetheart !!!
    The dress is wonderful too.

  6. how darling... she works this beautiful dress perfectly !

  7. WOW! I´m going to frame your understitching. It´s such a beautiful job. The fabrics are so nice and your girl is lovely.

  8. This dress is so cute! Great choice in fabrics. You've inspired me to try my hand at an Oliver + S dress for my little niece. Thanks!

  9. How did you finish the area where the button opening in the back meets up with the other fabric? My kids' dresses ripped there. There has to be a better way to finish it off.



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