Friday, June 17, 2011

How to get rid of yellow stains in vintage lace and linens!

The vintage lace is on its way to our giveaway winners in New York, UK and Canada; and I while I was packing it today I thought it would be a good idea to share with you some tips on removing that typical light yellow staining from the lace before you use it.

So, here are couple of things you can do to get rid of it:
  • Lay the lace out in the sun and turn it over after a few hours. A day in the sun should be enough to get rid of most of the staining.
  • Next, soak the lace in one gallon of hot water mixed with one scoop of OxiClean for a few hours (OxiClean is milder than a regular chlorine-based bleach), or until the stains are gone. Do not use OxiClean with anything metal (such as metal container), because due to resulting oxidation, the metal can rust and stain your lace even more. Also, test on a patch before using with colors.
  • After a few hours, remove the lace and drain it out.
  • Now, rinse the lace first in a distilled vinegar solution to neutralize OxiClean and then in cool water.
  • Drain and let it dry on a drying rack or a towel outside in the sun.

Voilà! Enjoy your lace!


  1. I've also had success with soaking vintage/antique linens and such in Biz.

  2. Biz is my favorite too but I have used Oxy when its not available. I've left things in Biz for a week at a time and it has always been very kind to the fibers.

  3. Just want to add never, never, never use regular bleach on lace. Did you hear me say never?

  4. Hi: Would this work on white sheer curtains that have become rather gray looking?
    They are 20 years old, and get washed every year. But still they are no longer a fresh white color. Help!!!! Email me at Thank you.



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