Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I got a Star!

This morning I got an email from (PR) telling me that I got my first star! It’s awarded based on the member feedback, and is a token of appreciation for the reviews of patterns, classes or books written by individual members (myself, in this case). I am so thrilled!

Here is my PR page with a new star (yay!):

Those who are not members of PR, go check it out – you are missing out a lot! This one-of-a-kind site features member-written reviews of sewing patterns, classes, notions, websites, books; it also offers online sewing classes by some of the best sewing experts. You will probably never want to start a sewing project without checking out PR reviews first.

The only shortcomings of the site are an outdated design and an overly complicated user interface. However, the advantages greatly outweigh this flaw, still, I hope, it will be fixed soon.

Meanwhile, I have signed up for an online class on PR, about which I will be reporting here soon.

Are you a member of PatternReview or any other sewing communities? Please share with me your favourite online sewing destinations!


  1. I hope I contributed to your star :-).

  2. yes, you did - I am pretty sure! since, I guess you added me as your favourite, lol ;-)

  3. Congratulations on receiving your first star! I agree that PR is a complicated site to use but definitely worthwhile being a member. Well done.

  4. Congratulations for your 1st star!!!
    As a PR member I agree with that PR is not userfriendly at all and that they should hire a designer for their pages. It is so useful, though.
    By the way, I know I am favored by others but still have not understood how to favor somebody.



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