Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dreamers Into Doers

Readers, I skipped a day of blogging, because I was
  • chatting in my online Little Black Dress Class,
  • unpacking goodies from a UK-based tailoring supplies store that arrived yesterday, 
  • thread-tracing, fitting and assembling my LBD muslin,
  • hemming Mr. Frabjous’s new chinos
Forgive me, I was very busy. And, in a due course, I will share the highlights of this day with you!

However, while busy with all this, I wanted to recommend you a site that I enjoy very much. It reminds me of the fact that we are capable of changing our lives to the better by making our fantasies real. Yes, I admit, I do dream of doing fashion and sewing for living, but I am not there yet… So, for now, I am being inspired by the experience of many other women who turned their dream into business! 

I am talking about Martha Stewart’s ‘Dreamers Into Doers’

Do check it out and register as a community member. In addition, I wanted to share with you a link to a their most recent quiz, which helps you find out what kind of dreamer you are by answering eight simple questions. I haven’t discovered a secret weapon to turn my fantasy into reality, as the quiz promises, but I did enjoy it nevertheless J Hope you will too!


  1. After I read your previous post I went over to pattern review to look at the Little Black Dress Class. I have some raw silk I want to transform into a dress and have no idea how to treat/use it. I was all excited to join the class (I mean the tutor is brilliant, who wouldn't want to) but then realised the live chats would be at 2am here and on a work night I can't do it, would be a zombie the next day :(

  2. Suzy, the chat transcripts are posted the next day, and you still have an opportunity to interact with the instructor on the message board. Just a thought :-)

  3. Thanks for the heads up on this website. It looks very interesting.



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