Thursday, August 11, 2011

Couture Classes: Sit & Sew Day 4

The last day was frantic for me: I haven't yet put the jacket together, but at least the collar was padstitched and I tried some seam treatments. Kenneth gave me some instruction how to proceed with the jacket and I got his CD book "The tailored jacket", so I believe I am set. He refitted my pants after another round of alterations, but for now, my suit will have to wait until September since tomorrow I am off for a two-week holiday in Maine.

However, readers, here are a few more highlights from the class.

All-in-one facing demo by Kenneth:

Another don't-ask-me-how technique... It went super fast and there is no way I can figure out how. But at least I remember the fly zipper application :-)

Hats by Hanna

She did some amazing job making these hats - very lovely

Louis Vuitton fabric (below) brought from Paris in one of Susan's class trips to the French capital. It's being made into a coat:

A cute leather pouch: zipper application and all the construction was demoed in the class, flowers were done earlier.

Invisible lace seams demo by Susan: another gem, readers. The jacket Susan is helping with is very sheer, and the seems needed to be treated in a way that made them neat and almost invisible.

I saw these technique on a Valentino blouse. Seams are bound into flesh-colour silk organza and virtually invisible once worn.

Honestly, readers, this was not all, we had more demos, including hand-picked zipper and other and got  several great handouts with couture techniques instructions and a list of resources for all things couture. 

I hope you enjoyed this review as much as I enjoyed the class. As for my jacket and pants I will be blogging on it  once I am back from my holiday end of August.


  1. what a great course ! looks like you had so much fun and learn a lot. have a nice break !

  2. Another fun class! Have a great time away - I shall miss you :-(!

  3. Everything looks so interesting, everyone's so absorbed! Have a superholiday Marina!

  4. Great course summary. It's so much fun to see you learning so much. Have fun on your vacation. Look forward to hearing from you when you get back!

  5. It's great to read about this class. Looks like it covers so many things: boning, zippers, magical facing techniques. It would be weird and awesome to think of a garment that uses all of those techniques.

  6. flesh colored organza.... brilliant! that is just what i need!

    these posts have been great, marina :)))



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