Thursday, September 1, 2011

Back to Chanel... now with a skirt!

Remember my Chanel-inspired jacket?

Now it's time to finish this chapter by addressing the skirt, won't you agree, readers?
The thing is, I have almost two yards (got to check, actually) of the same boucle left... How could it happen? Well, I bought end of a bolt and got a good deal for this very generous amount of bouclé!

Ok, back to skirt! I must admit, I am tired of pencil skirts, and this is a welcome opportunity to do something different. Well, not VERY different... To be precise,.. look at this image from Chanel Fall 2011 RTW show...

So, I do want to have a continuous line running at the center front through the jacket and the skirt. I have only couple of flowers left from the trim, so I would need to find a solution for a coherent look, but I think I can come up with something.

I am not in a rush, so this skirt will be going along other sewing projects, one step a week. Obviously, I will start with a muslin (I will need to match and I want to cut the fabric knowing that I won't need to make any alterations). Then, there will be quilting, shaped waist, lining clean-up etc. I will be posting the progress here.

If you have never worked with boucle using Chanel-inspired techniques - this is a great project to test your patience! And if you are up to it and want to have a sew-along, I will organize this accordingly. If not, it will be a loose progress report :-)



  1. marina, what a fabulous idea! i know that when (if) i tackle my own chanel jacket, i definitely hope to try some techniques on a skirt. i guess that means i vote for some kind of sew-along, because that would be a perfect warm-up :-) meanwhile, i can't wait to see how your skirt progresses!


  2. I love that skirt - great design! I think it will bring a fresh perspective to the gorgeous jacket you made! Lovely - I can't wait to see it - and I too, am sick of pencil skirts!!!!! Although in my work, they are a necessary evil.

  3. Marina, I love your jacket and that skirt would look fantastic. I have some chanel fabric just waiting for such a project.

  4. Stunning, gobsmackingly beautiful jacket.

  5. @puuI have to say I have been a bit scared of working with boucle but I must brave-up because I love the texture and I love jacket/skirt suits. Will be watching with adoring eyes!

  6. Sorry, didn't mean to directly reply to you puu but I do share your sentiments!

  7. That jacket is beautiful, and I think it's an awesome idea to create a matching skirt. I love the line on the front of the skirt. It looks like the seams are abutted? or would the entire skirt open in the front? That would explain the way it drapes, and really units jacket and skirt. You're a brave woman for tackling this!

  8. Your jacket looks amazing, and I look forward to seeing your Chanel-like matching skirt for it!



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