Friday, September 23, 2011

Colette Fall Palette Challenge: The Progress

Ok, I am tortured, suffering, and impatient, readers! Are you familiar with that feeling when you are so ready for something, but something beyond your control delays it. I am talking about the Colette Fall Palette Challenge (read about my plans here)

The Colette patterns are not here yet, and I am dying to cut Sencha and Macaron. I also need the Macaron pattern to get leather for the bodice. The patterns must have been shipped on Thursday so I got to be patient. I also ordered Clover pants today....

So, I spent whole day tracing Burda patterns and preparing muslins for the Mohair jacket, Silk skirt in Teal, a blouse from the same Burda 08/2011 issue, and, finally, the cape. Here is the proof:

I still need to transfer seam lines and markings, so I may be able to do it tonight. I doubt, though, I will be able to put together any muslins this weekend, as children keep me extremely busy.

I am now off, dinner is ready and the family is waiting...

What are your plans for the weekend? Any sewing?


  1. I hate waiting for the post! Especially as our parcel force man is rubbish and can't work out how to use an intercom. Thankfully our Royal Mail postie is an absolute darling and is fully able to us the intercom :)
    Happy sewing!
    Ashley x

  2. It must be a great feeling to have a lot of the tedious work out of the way, and be poised to soon have lots of pretty new clothes. Hurray!

  3. So much tracing, you must be knackered! But nice to have it out of the way, I guess.

    I loo forward to see all your work on these and colette's beauties. Sure you'll do a great job.

    I'm working on my bombshell this weekend and possible also a cape (not originally in my sewing plan, I can never stick with it.)

  4. That's some serious tracing! At least it is all out of the way and you will be ready to go when your post arrives.

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  6. best wishes to you for the challenge. They look like too much to trace and cut.

    Have i been sewing, oh well yeah!, sewing hectically as i need to finish 9 new dresses for my darling daughter to be worn between 28th September to 6th October - Navarathri Festival in India ; Nava means 9 and Rathri means Nights. So it is a festival of 9 nights! Every year i make her 9 new outfits. I have finished 5 out of them and still 4 more to go for this year!

    For those interested, please do check Navarathri Posts or Navarathri Page for collections from yester years!

  7. Oh my, I am impressed with your work! One pattern at a time is all I can manage to trace - too many wiggly lines swimming in front of my eyes makes me feel that I need to have a lie down!

  8. Funny, I have a silk charmeuse blouse planned out of that same Burda 08/2011 109 pattern. I'm omitting the little flounce due to lack of fabric, and obviously I have to resize it for My Plus Sized Self. But hey, that's cool. :)



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