Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Crossing the Rubicon

A trip to IKEA and re-arrangement of almost entire furniture in my sewing / working room (and elsewhere) led to a few revelations:

1. I own enough fabric to sew at least two seasons wardrobe. Now, it's time to use it! Fall wardrobe sewing is planned to start next week.

2. I got way too many (vintage) patterns. And I made a decision and am going to offer some of those for giveaways and some for sale on eBay. I mean, I want to let go over 100 patterns! I loved all of them, but I will never sew them - so stay tuned to announcements here!

Alea iacta est, readers! Do you sympathize? 


  1. Eeeee! I love love love vintage patterns. I'm looking forward to seeing some of your collection!

  2. Ooohhhh vintage patterns! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Can't wait!

    I sat down and did my FESA planning... and had more than enough in my stash!!! I didn't realize I was such a hoarder!!!!!

  3. I'd guess (from pictures of clothing) you're not too far of my size ;-) i'd be thrilled to see your entire collection of vintage patterns!

  4. Ohhh vintage patterns. I like.. I would love to see all the collection. Perhaps you can sell it here on your site instead going through ebay.

    And I hope to see the changes you made on your furnishing too :)

  5. I'm also getting a considerable amount of vintage patterns but I love them and have not yet tired of them. I can see the day come when I think I have way too many. Can't wait to see what you have :)

  6. Letting go your pattern... if I may give my opinion, unless your are in an urgent need of space, don't do it. Some patterns have details you might want to use in a future project (neckline, sleeves, pockets, etc..). You might need the instructions of those details to make a Burda or other magazine garment that gives you poor instructions.. Give only 10 you hate with passion. 12 years ago, some one gave away 200 of my patterns I had store during the time I lived in Europe. When I came back I cried for weeks. I still morn all of them, even the "ugly" ones ;-) I bought tens of those I love on ebay...

  7. what an incredibly modern piece of design - I am delighted to have found this blog, it's a marvelous resource. Fashion Guide

  8. I sympathise! I too have too many patterns, and have lately been thinking about what to divest myself and in which manner... I am still buying patterns but only the ones I really love. And when you have too many it's really hard to remember what you have and really hard to find your favourites.



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