Thursday, September 8, 2011

13 Vintage Patterns Giveaway

Readers, thank you for your comments on my vintage pattern stash reduction!

I must admit I felt guilty after I read your comments. I do love my patterns, really! And I promise, I won't get rid of all, I just need to have a clear overview of what I have.

Also, in my defense I have to add that in the past year I have learnt so much in draping, pattern-making and couture sewing that I can now easily hand over patterns that I no longer need as a reference.

So, my 'pain', your gain, readers! I am starting these giveaways with a modest set of 13 vintage patterns!

1. Simplicity 9043 (Size 14, Bust 36")   |   2. Simplicity 8884 (Size 12, Bust 34")
3. Simplicity 7329 (Size 14, Bust 36")   |   4. Butterick 3543 (size 14, Bust 36")
5. Simplicity 9206 (Size 14, Bust 36")    |   6. Simplicity 9838 (Size 12-14, Bust 34-36")
7. McCall's 3511 (size 14, Bust 36")   |   8. Simplicity 6235 (size 14, Bust 36")
9. Simplicity 5247 (size 14, Bust 36")   |  10.  McCall's 5344 (size 12, Bust 34")  
11. Simplicity 9071 (size 16, Bust 38")   |   12. McCall's 2086 (Size 10, Bust 32 1/2")
13. Simplicity 3615 (Size 14, Bust 36")
As usual, the giveaway is open to the followers of this blog. List patterns you like in a comment to this post and you may win one or more. This time I have to ask the winners to pay shipping costs (sorry, but I have to do it considering the number of patterns I will need to ship).

The winners will be announced next Thursday, 15 September.

Estimated shipping costs (exact amounts will be given once winners are drawn):
USA $1.30 (one pattern) + $0.60 (every additional one)
Canada $ 1.60 (one pattern) + $0.70 (every additional one)
Europe $3 (for appr. up to 3 or 4 patterns)
India $3 (for appr. up to 3 or 4 patterns)

By the way, I will be offering some 50 patterns as giveaways during the coming few weeks. And about 100 more will be sold on eBay. No worries, I will still have some 100 vintage pattern to enjoy and cherish! Phew, I already feel better for the patterns :-)

Whether you participate or not, may I ask you to spread the word and post a link to this giveaway on your blog! Thank you!


  1. I love love love #5. And #8. On #5, it's the tunic option I'm especially liking. Comfy but still stylish!! [crossing my fingers...]

  2. Oh my, talk about a good timing - I've started to follow you just a week ago, after I read your article on BurdaStyle, about the waist stay! Just in time for this amazing giveaway :)#3 is without any doubts my absolute favorite, although I wouldn't mind #5 or #12.

  3. I'm glad you didn't ask "which one's your favorite?" because, as you know, a crafter can't decide. :D
    I like #3 because there's so much potential for adorable.
    I like #9 for the wide-legged trousers.
    I like #11 for the jacket variations.

    Which reminds me... I should also destash my collection!

  4. This is so generous of you. I find #11 intriguing! ~ Peggy

  5. You are so generous, Marina! I really like 8 and 10 for that 70s vibe!!!

  6. 5,7,8,12 ... odd numbers but those patterns sings to me. Ok... Perhaps not but they certainly looked intriguing. A woman could never have enough dresses, skirts and tops.



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