Friday, October 28, 2011

Blogiversary & a Giveaway week!

Dear Friends!

19th of October was Frabjous Couture Blogiversary and I owe you a giveaway party!

150 posts, 241 Google Friends and some 500 RSS Subscribers - thank you! You make my days!

So, let's celebrate! For the next 7 days, until next Friday, I will be hosting giveaways for my readers. I hope the things will find a good home!

And today, we are starting with this Wrist Pin Cushion, a brand child of Project Runway merchandising. Don't we all watch Project Runway... whether we hate or love it? I love it! Mostly for the critics part - it taught me quite a few things about my own clothes. But let's get back to the Giveaway:

The rules are, as usual, simple. The giveaway is open to all Google followers, RSS subscribers, Twitter followers, and so on.... To participate leave a comment under the respective giveaway post by Sunday, Novemebr 6th. The winner will be drawn on that day!

Good luck everyone! and don't forget to check in again to claim your prize! 

Oh, and please, for this giveaway series, there is a little twist!!! Remember Tim Gunn's black bag???

Ok, when you comment, leave an address of your blog and write a sentence describing to other readers what makes it special or different from other blogs! Yay, long live self-promotion! If you don't have a blog, leave a twitter account address, or a link to your favourite blog with a short promotion sentence as well! 


  1. I'm undecided on project runway. It falls somewhere In between educational and guilty pleasure (the type that ends up a bit nauseous). What makes my blog different? It's in Danish and you'll need a babel fish to read it :-) What makes it special? Honestly, I don't think it is. At least not compared to the international sewing blog scene. But most of the Danish sewing blogs are about children's stuff. And mine is not. Not at all.

  2. @ Astrid! Thanks for the comment! It would be very interesting to see a Danish sewing blog, but I think you left out your blog URL!

  3. Happy Blogiversary!!! I love watching Project Runway but here in UK in regular channels the newest series never show. I have to wait months and months. I always try to avoid twitter post and blog posts on it as I don't want any spoilers.

    I blog over at and whilst I'm not sure the blog is special to other people (it is to me) I am striving and plotting to make it special. I like to think good photography and interesting finished projects make it special.

  4. Happy Blogversary ! Ohh how I love a party ! And my post today was the result of lots of sewing- placemats,napkin and even a matching cake.
    On I keep my crafts and musings open to all sewist and crafters in the hope its inpires people that same way I feel inspired by Marina and other great blogs.

  5. It's on the lefthand side of my bloggerprofile, Marina. You're welcome to have a look... bring a babel fish :)

  6. Project Runway is one of the few TV shows I must see - even though I was disappointed in the most recent season's ending. I think the all-star PR coming this winter will be great, though!

    I have a blog that is a mix of sewing for kids (boys & a girl), sewing for me, home dec, even sewing for hubby on occasion. I sew with everything from the big 4 to boutique designer patterns to foreign and foreign language patterns.

  7. Happy Blogaversary!! I do not have a blog of my own (maybe in the future) but I have enjoyed reading your blog and my goal has been to learn couture techniques and add to my sewing knowledge so thank you for all your inspiration and know how!

  8. Happy Blogaversary! I love sew,but I love crochet ,knitting and all handmade products,with good idea and with love. I have my blog ...made by me ...

    Best wishes,Dragica

  9. Happy Blogaversary ! And Bravo for this well deserved success.

  10. Happy anniversary! Well done. My blog is about my sewing and pattermaking journey. It covers women clothing shot in beautiful european scenery. It's bilingual English and Italian. Hope to see you there!



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