Sunday, October 2, 2011

NYC Sew Weekly Meetup & Blogtober Fest #2

By the way, did I tell you how much I loved this Friday? Despite having caught some nasty cold with earache and sore throat.

Yes, fabulous Sew Weekly girls organized a meetup in NYC. See yourself:

Group photo at Paron's {thanks Oona!} 
Dinner at Room Service, featuring Debi from My Happy Sewing Place

Meg the Grand, voila
Now, I wish I could give you an extensive account of what happened during the day, which  was packed with events, including lunch, pattern swap, fabric shopping (yay, I finally got lining for my cape), and, finally dinner... But I was just able to join for an hour at lunch and then have dinner with the girls...

All the present bloggers are on my blogroll, so check it out. And if you were wondering about the progress of my Colette Fall Palette, I do have something to report:

If you can follow the red thread on bouclé, yes, it is thread tracing and on the left is the lining I liked and could afford - it's printed silk charmeuse and at this moment it is already cut and pinned to bouclé pieces, ready to be quilted.  And I got a little treat for you tomorrow, quilting tutorial, based on Chanel couture techniques. It is really easy, and not that time consuming - stay tuned!

And, so, it was Blogtober Fest post #2.


  1. How fun!!! I have the same nasty cold, sans the earache, thank goodness. Decongestant may help alleviate that. Feel better, and I can't wait to see your tutorial!

  2. Oh fun! I love that first photo. So colorful!

  3. holding my breath for the Chanel couture moves!
    Your life is a work of art!

  4. Love your lining choice. Am going in to work today to purchase some lining too - you've given me food for thought in my choices, ie make it fun and interesting.

  5. dinner looks like it was intense, but i think you hit a home run on that cape lining! good to see you!

  6. It was so great to meet and spend time with you! I had a great time watching you examine the luxurious silk at Parons. A pro at work! And my grandma was in love with the patterns I took from the swap. I'm pretty sure they all came from you.

  7. god i'm in love with that lining....

    having you for as much as we could was wonderful! i'm so happy you came back for the evening... once my wallet recovers from the day, i'm itching for a GD day with you...

  8. YAY! it was AMAZING to meet you! I think I walked away with all your patterns..hehehehehe...BIG HUG!!!

  9. Devra, Nettie, Marcy, Debi! Thanks girls! It was so much fun _ i am so looking forward for a follow up! Whenever!

  10. Ann, thanks for the advice! I am taking homeopathic pills - giving it another night, and then I will definitely give a decongestant a chance! Right now it fills like I am carrying a dense storm cloud instead of my head.

  11. Devra, btw. the more I look at the lining the more I like it - it was a tough choice, since those I really liked - Spanish printed charmeuse at B&J - were at $80 per yard. Too extravagant for an unemployed blogger :-)



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