Friday, October 21, 2011

Colette Fall Palette update

Oh, by the way, my Colette Fall Palette Challenge is moving along - I will have two garments to show you once I am in New York: Sencha and a teal silk skirt. The third, a cape, will have to wait since I was sidetracked by an unexpected homework from my daughter's school, which requested a national dress for this Friday. I had literally two half days to finish a German national dress, which was inspired by these two looks.

I initially wanted to make a dress, a blouse, an apron and a petticoat, but then I just managed to finish a dress and an apron, which was good enough as the rest could have been easily replaced with some ready-to-wear pieces we already had.

Today, my daughter is going to wear it and I am looking forward to pictures from my husband who is with her in New York. Meanwhile, I am finishing the second version of the inner foundation of my dress and will duly report to you about the progress!

By the way, who knows what's a dirndl?  ;-) 


  1. I know! Just because we are neighbors with Germany and Austria:)

  2. have always wanted to make one!

  3. This is a Dirndl and a bit of history about it...

  4. What side did you find those pictures of dirndls? I'm trying to find some one from the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern region...



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