Thursday, October 13, 2011

I am clean, malware messages on blogs and how to solve the problem

First thing! My blog does not contain malware! If you want to check the status of your blog or of any other blog, follow this Google Safe Browsing diagnostic link and type the blog URL you want to check in the following address:

The problem mentioned by several bloggers this week appears to be a link on their (and my) blogroll that redirect to a flagged blog. This is a screenshot of a malware alert I saw when I typed in the URL of the flagged blog:

In my case the culprit was a link to a flagged blog Making the Seam makingtheseam(dot)blogspot(dot)com (I am not linking to it here to avoid another malware message on my site). Of course, I had to remove this blog from my blogroll and this should stop any malware alerts generated when you visit my blog. 

You will see the same message, if you add the link to this site using the diagnostic URL above you will see that the site is flagged as unsafe. Unless, of course, the owner has recovered the blog. By the way, see how the Alert message refers to the Google Safe Browsing diagnostic page? This is the link I included above.

Now, if your site is safe according to Google Diagnostics (check the link above using your blog URL), you can try using this experimental tool to see whether there is a link on your blog that links to a hacked blog, such as Making the Seam, for example. The tool will analyze the code of your blog and give you possible culprits. The tool works with Blogger blogs only. It seems to be a safe tool as it only accesses the publicly available code. It doesn't ask you to install any code on your blog or similar. For me it was the only available way to identify the problem-causing link.  

Alternatively, if your blog is safe but generates a malware alert, you will see in the alert what site is causing this warning. If you haven't seen the alert yourself, but some of your readers told you about it, ask them to make a screenshot of it. 

If your problems are more complicated, read this great post on further solutions. It is written by the author of the tool I referred you to. 

Stay safe, readers, and let me know if you encountered any malware alerts recently! 


  1. Thank you! I had already removed the cited blog from my blog roll and that stopped my brief malware experience also. Bit I appreciate your instructions since I wasn't clear how to manage such a future situation.

  2. There is also a Symantec add-on that causes specific links of blogs to get blocked. You get a "virus" warning if you try to click on through. We just had to uninstall it on all our laptops at work because it wouldn't let us to some company sites as well. So be aware of that, too, as in most cases its a false alarm.(I'll find out the name of the extension and let you know)

  3. Ouch! That's my old blog. I deleted it trying to make all problems go away, but it seems to continue to fester. It seems that even deleted things aren't entirely deleted. I don't think I actually had malware either, but I was linked to another blog called sewhotmommi through comments, etc. (I believe she is an innocent victim as well.)
    In the end, I wasn't totally confident about what was happening and decided to simply delete the thing and start again, sigh.
    If you want to find me, my new blog is



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