Thursday, October 6, 2011

An Award and Avowals

OMG, Rachel of House of Pinheiro has picked me and my blog for the Versatile Blogger Award! OMG!..

Who is Rachel??? Sorry, she is a cooking, sewing, quilting, rocking, 6-feet tall hot Brazilian bombshell! Quite an explosive mixture, I tell you!  So, go, check her blog, readers!

Well, back to the award - I am supposed to share with you seven things about myself.

1. I grew up in Tbilisi, Georgia, which is a small country sandwiched between Russia in the north, and Turkey in the south.

this is my town - I miss it very much!
2. I dig dumplings!

These are Georgian dumplings, called Khinkali. They are very juicy inside and you must eat them by hand! You bite in and suck all that juice out and then you bite into the dumpling... Oooooh!.. I make the best ones, of course!

3. I have three kids! Did I say three???? When did it happen???

Anyway, I love them all and they keep challenging both me and Mr. Frabjous... well...

4. I was a pioneer in a Soviet Summer Camp.

That girl on the right with uneven white socks and striped vest is your humble blogger, ahem...  The guy with his hand in his pocket (top right) is Lenin.... The camp was not that bad, actually... some propaganda gimmicks, but mostly common sense... yes... I guess...

5. I was the fastest in my class to put together and to take apart Kalashnikov. I am not a spy! Military Preparedness was one of the subjects we had to take at school and assembling Kalashnikovs was part of the craziness. Anyone remember the Cold War?.. how could people be so obedient to these absurd circumstances for decades is still a mystery to me...

6. I left my country when I was 23, after witnessing two short but horrible wars... I have been traveling since then, working in transition countries and promoting freedom of expression, and haven't found a place I can call home for longer than a few years yet. I think both, me and Mr. Frabjous, feel home pretty much everywhere - the US is our third country together.

7. I love the smell of the sea and of a dry fir forest. I love smelling things, vegetables, fruits, trees... fabrics?

8. I have a very neglected cooking blog, aka The Melting Pot. But I am planning to revive it this week, with some dumpling goodies!!!!.. It is called Melting Pot because it reflect my cooking influenced by the world cuisine. And, you have to check out Georgian food. It is amazing - I tell you!

Now, time for the nominations!!! Tah-dah!!!

I am supposed to nominate newly discovered blogs, so, no offense to my old-time favourites - I do love you!

Here is the list:

Vicki of Another Sewing Scientist
Devra of Puu's Door of Time
Nettie of Sown Brooklyn
Sandra of Harlem Homestead
Christine of Daughter Fish
Lisette of What Would Nancy Drew Wear
Cindy of that-titleless-got-to-be-updated blog (after I have seen her wearing her Ceylon - I am still scared of that dress, I tell you - she is the third from the left)

Phew, done, Rachel! Because of you I failed to quilt four remaining panels for my cape. You got to face consequences, girl, bombshell or not! Am now off to pick up one of three demanding offsprings from school.

Auf Wiedersehen!


  1. Marina, how fascinating to read this!!! Do you find growing up in what was a tight regime (under soviet union) influenced your sense of style and how you gravitated towards fashion? Also please forgive me if I'm making an assumption by using the word tight=soviet union.

  2. How fascinating! I absolutely loved this post, Marina! hmmm...maybe you guys can come to Scotland next :)

  3. what?! wait! what do i do now? marina! so unfair! how am i supposed to compete with all of the great work you do? :-)

  4. very nice to meet you and CONGRATS on your blog award. Coming over from Blogtoberfest

  5. I adored learning about your fabulous life today, and I am so glad we share a love of dumplings. Maybe we should get together for those the next time I am in NYC??

  6. @suzy, don't worry about words :-) it was tight, but we didn't feel it as small kids. Later, as I was growing it was getting tougher. I don't think growing up in Soviet Union was particularly different from anywhere else when it comes to fashion or style. However, there was much more sewing in Soviet times because the choice of ready-to-wear garments was so limited! The chances were thousands, or ten thousands of women wore the same dress as you :-) so, we loved pattern magazines and our dressmakers!

  7. Nice to hear about you. I love dumplings too. Tbilisi seems a very nice town.

  8. Marina, your story is amazing. I want your recommendations for Georgian food in the city! And thanks for nominating my blog! I've been out of the blogosphere for a couple weeks:) It was so nice to meet you and thanks again for the lovely patterns!



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