Monday, November 21, 2011

My labels have arrived!!!

Readers, holding the labels in my hand is like making the next step in my couture adventure.

I know I still have a long and exciting journey ahead of me, but I am already proud of what I have accomplished so far! And, so, I am now documenting that my garments are made by me, by hand, using couture sewing techniques, patiently and passionately!

Do you have your own labels, readers? 


  1. Yes I have my own label, I bought them some 20 years ago and still have lots more to go. I had order them form England. There was an add in Vogue magazine. They are so similar to yours. Same colour, same fabric, same font, but of course different name. I will snap a picture and show you. I love "The Sewing Lawyer's" label. They are also great.

  2. I got my labels from Heirloom Labels as well - highly recommend their quality! And yes, I just LOVE adding my lable (Jilly Be Private Collection) to my gives your work that special something. Worth every penny and then some!

  3. Haven't got them yet, but planning on doing so very soon.

  4. They look fantastic Marina! I have some quite simple, that just say Suzy.

  5. Your labels are elegant - very couture!! I'd love to get some too but can't quite decide on the name.

  6. I've got labels, from Cash's. Mine are cream with gold and they just say VickiKateMakes - they wind up in bags, clothes... Anything made from fabric really!

  7. They look great. Where did you get them?

  8. Yes, MvK.....Thanks for asking....
    I, too, have invested in purchasing woven labels and have been using them for years. I also chose to order from Heirloom Labels, and can vouch for their quality.
    I ordered one set (minimum order: 144 labels) I use for my crafts (Sweet Potato Pie) for dolls, accessories, needlecraft, etc., and another set for the clothing I create (Gotcha Covered).

    Everyone I sew for (family gifts) looks forward to seeing a label attached to every item I've made and sent to them.

    Love your blog and what you are trying inspire in your readers. I'm with you for the long haul!

  9. Oh! I adore your labels!! They will look lovely in all of your amazing garments :)

  10. Congrats to your own labels!! And I fully agree, it is a great feeling to hold your own labels!!

    Even if the way is still long (which mine is also), enjoy each step!

    Best wishes

  11. I also got mine made a couple of years ago. They will last me forever! I was even thinking of adding them to RTW cllothes!

  12. Yours look great!
    Yes - I have my own labels, and I posted about making DIY labels too Getting Labelled! :)



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