Saturday, November 19, 2011

This Week’s Sewing Reveries

This week was all about sewing productivity… or, actually, about the absence of such. 

Source: Flickr Commons
I feel like I have been focusing much more on learning and on the sewing process as such than on getting garments finished. So, this leaves me with 10 UFOs (aka unfinished objects)... {I know some of my loyal readers and friends will sympathize}

Little help with UFOs

Talking about UFOs, do you have any tips to help stay focused on your projects? I thought a plan would help. Not the one in a notebook, but something  public, for more transparency.  A Work-in-Progress widget on my blog (does it actually exist?). Anyway…

Source: Flickr Commons
…finishing projects together is so much more fun!

Wouldn’t it be fun, if we all showcased our finished objects once a week, or whenever they are done. So, I am adding a small widget where you can link to your finished project. Every Sunday, I will be posting a new link collection and you will have a few days to add a URL and an image that will link to your blog or gallery.

What I have accomplished this week…

{I am blushing} … BECAUSE,
  • I spent the week practicing hand-worked buttonholes
  • started a Faux Fur Class with Kenneth D. King on PatternReview and
  • took apart a fox fur jacket I got from my mom (it did need quite a few alterations to become wearable again). I like fur generally, but would rather restyle an older piece than buy a new skin... 
  • guest blogged about Beeswax on Burdastyle, and acquired a collections of beeswax cakes to compare, lol – I need help, readers.
  • tried to re-watch Star Wars on Netflix or Amazon Prime – to no avail, duh. DVDs cost over $100 on Amazon, or you have to subscribe to Netflix DVD service.  That’s the first occasion I wish I had a Blockbuster around the corner.

My plans for the next week…

Errr… finishing UFOs?

So, how does it sound, friends? Shall we start linking up our finished projects? If yes, tomorrow is the start date - I will post the first link widget for everyone to join! 


  1. I think is a great idea.... I tried to have a public deadline on my items but I keep getting on on new more attractive things... So no wonder I haven't moved much... I think this is a great motivation

  2. Hi Marina, I think your plan is a great one! I don't really have many UFOs though because I haven't been sewing as much as I'd like, but I'd love to contribute the ones I do have. I'm also working on a plan to sew clothes that will work in the office (the place where I spend most of my "dressed up" time) so if any are in danger of becoming UFOs I know where/when to contribute :)

  3. Marina, that's a fabulous idea!! This would certainly get my UFO's off my chairs in the cutting room (alias dining room). Would definitely join in the challenge.

  4. Happy to be busy with new orders so that I don't get to meddle with my UFOs:)) It amuses me whenever I leave behind an UFO, it's a sport I practiced a lot and I'm good at, and I love that I can feel light about leaving them behind no matter how much work was involved! But i know, there comes a time when everyone feels like rescuing UFOs and that usually means lots of wasted time and a few good results... However I hope you rescuing efforts will all be worth it!:)



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