Monday, December 5, 2011

(U).F.O. Party / Week 3... and last week's links!

More (U).F.O. goodness, readers! Before we have a look at the last week's projects let's link to new ones here:

Now, let's have a look at completed projects! And I am starting with F.O. Champion, Rachel from House of Pinheiro!

She wipped up a Cynthia Rowley Tulip Skirt 2512 in an hour and bragged about it here! Congratulations, Rachel, and thanks for contributing your project! Our (U).F.O. party does need your energy!

Next, the Puu's Door of Time and an insight into her obsession with this pattern, and why it has created a pile of U.F.O. s! (check out the side seam waist gathers, readers!)

Renaissance Bombshell is linking to her U.F.O. challenge: inserting a zipper on a doubleknit dress.

Head over to her blog to help with some tips! She started unpicking the dress, but the further fate of it is unknown!

Finally, my own failure to finish my Clover pants this week, readers! But I have a good excuse and some WIP revelation for you, readers, and more about it tomorrow! It's about holiday sewing, of course!

Now, if you do want to join the (U).F.O. party, post your link above.

Grab the code below to display the badge on your blog:


  1. Glad to join, this is a great way to give that extra push to finish projects!

  2. I was stopping by to check in, didn't even know you were doing this.. but had to join in! Now that UFO is done, got just one or two more until I can start with the newbies :) You rock!

  3. This is great! I didn't write a blog post about it, but I do have a UFO. I started my Colette Oolong in early November but need this extra push to get the hem done, especially since things have been busy. Here's hoping I have a link to share on Sunday!

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