Monday, December 12, 2011

(U).F.O. Party: Week 4... & last week's links!

Friends, here is this week's button to link up to your (U).F.O. posts! For newcomers, explanations are here.

Now, let's have a look at last week's accomplishments and we will start with a new star trooper on our starship, Lavender of threadsquare! She made her first pair of jeans - read more about it on her blog. By the way, while you are doing it, add her blog to your blogroll - Lavender is a(nother) Downton Abbey fan and is currently planning to test some early 20th century patterns. I am so looking forward for her updates on it!

Now, let's proceed to our starship commanding officer Devra of Puu's Door of Time. Yay, readers, I am not the only procrastinating sewer here! Look at her flying saucers! Not sure she has finished those two, but right now she is agonizing about Colette's Meringue skirt and Pastille dress, ha!

And yes, she is also a Downton Abbey fan! Now, I got to check Downton Abbey - if it is really so good there is a hope for my UFO pile! I just found out, actually, that as an Amazon Prime member I can watch Season 1 for free. I just need to finish watching first Law & Order episodes, and then...

Ok, fast forward to Rachel of House of Pinheiro, of course! Guess what, she has UFOs as well. I thought she finsihes everything she starts, but no, readers, this one is a good old UFO as we like them. Her initial post about this Chanel-style jacket dates back to September.

Sorry, Rachel, now you got to prove you can finish this one. Her deadline is this week, so let's see whether she can make it!

what about myself, readers? hmmm, I spent most of the week volunteering at my daughter's school, building gingerbread houses, and preparing the house for the upcoming holidays, cleaning, baking, de-cluttering... I don't know how about you, but I cannot sew in a cluttered environment - it just makes me nervous and inefficient.

enough of it, anyway! Good luck and productive sewing week, everyone! I am now off for a good night sleep! Tomorrow, tune in for the innards of my guipure lace dress - I got a game for you!


  1. between downton abbey and law & order, i am honestly not sure which is more important :-)


  2. I could not be more excited about Downton Abbey returning in 2012. Holy. Smokes. I adore that show! I love this UFO party you host - it makes me happy to see all of the finished projects!

  3. Hi!

    I actually finished my purple UFO dress. I named it the "Don't Take Shortcuts" dress. Been too busy sewing to photograph and blog it but will do so soon. (UFB - unfinished blogging?)

    Bonus - I even finished someone else's UFO as well, by making up a dress for myself out of a UFO that my auntie had given up on and given the pieces to my mom, who passed it on to me. Talk about inspiring.

  4. Finished!

  5. Oh, and here's another one

  6. Whoa! How did I miss this? :* Thanks, Marina! I hope you're on the DA's divine!

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