Wednesday, January 25, 2012

In Detail: Versace at Paris Haute Couture Week

Only sixteen outfits, but va-va-voom, readers! Ms. Donatella Versace celebrated her comeback to Haute Couture Week serving the viewers sixteen sci-fy glamazons overlooking standing audience from a golden plynth!

A collection fit for girls like Kim Kardashian and Lady Gaga.

Super tight dresses and rompers, corseted bodices, leather, lace, a cornucopia of sequence, beads, golden aluminum bands... But never mind the glitter and sparks extravaganza! The designer's attention to detail is truly amazing! Let's have a look:

You won't disagree, readers, that the craftsmanship that went into making these garments is extraordinary. What's  amazing is that those golden aluminum bands are fitted to each model's body, so they must be special order pieces that have been made after the model were meticulously fitted! And I would love to see how those bands are attached! Any ideas? What do you think about the collection?


  1. I didn't like the collection, but I do appreciate the handiwork. I've looked at most of the collections now, and am amazed at how different they all are! They are truly masters of their craft.

  2. I loved this collection, but apparently didn't. I thought the same thing, that it had "Lady Gaga" written all over it. So Versace and Jean Paul had me thinking this year was "Rock Star Couture".

  3. Love the silver one - the gold bands seem to glow under those 'fins'! The evening gowns look stunning too.
    My immediate thought about how the bands were attached (giggle) was glue!!

  4. Great handwork, not great design, IMO. How does one sit comfortably with an aluminum band on their hip? While that glimpse of sparkle is wonderful, it has to either bend and then look awful or not bend and feel awful.

  5. I think that corset making techniques went to make it and it helps create the hourglass figure and that gets my thumbs up !

  6. Oh! (drools onto keyboard) That orange dress is spectacular.

  7. this show was amazing! and the models are so inspirational!!

    here you can check out my outfits:



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