Friday, March 16, 2012

BurdaStyle April 2012 picks

Readers, do you like BurdaStyle magazine? I am a loyal fan, I have to admit. Have been for the last twenty-five years... I remember holding the first issue published in the former Soviet Union and drooling over styles and styling, home advice columns and exotic cuisine recipes with ingredients noone ever heard of. I kept every issue, until I had to move, again and again and again, traveling from one job to another... And, even when I wasn't sewing I was buying the magazine every now and then, in whatever language it was available, keeping some of my favorite back issues. I got Italian edition in Kosovo, Serbian in Belgrade, Russian in Macedonia, French in Paris, German in Austria... Last year, it has been the first time since long that I was able to subscribe (and sew) again, and so now my collection is growing again.

I like Burda a lot for it offers several features in every issue, and each of this features has a set of coordinated looks that would allow anyone to create a mini wardrobe. April issue was no exception, with my favorite La Siciliana trend. It seems no coincidence that I was just recently admiring Fall 2012 collection by Dolce and Gabbana... So, off we go, here are my favorites from the recent issue:

Cachecoer 126 A

I adore this blouse - well, it is very sheer, but with a nice corselet underneath it will look less provocative. It is a potential candidate for my Camp Couture, or I may even do it before I go and focus on the corselet instead. It is a very simple style that shouldn't take long, the only thing is that, depending on lace, I may need to stabilize/ reinforce it, but more construction thoughts in a later post.

Skirt 118B
This skirt is a tiny bit too tight here, readers. What I love most are the structural seams and the high waist. It is a winner skirt and will look flattering on curvy women. Recommended fabric is cotton satin, but I am considering using peau de soie, or medium-weight silk twill, both perfectly suitable for fitted styles.

Blouse 117
Another favorite - it is so easy, and I love that back flounce. The belt pattern is also included, and I am planning to make one as well.
Alberta Ferretti exclusive designer pattern
A beautiful and sophisticated dress, it is really timeless even though it comes from Alberta Ferretti's 2009 Pre-Fall collection. They even used the original image of the dress. The brooch is important, so I make be hunting a suitable piece these days if I'll decide to make this dress. It looks like a perfect theater or cocktail look, easy enough to feel comfortable and yet quite chic.

Have you picked your favorite Burda styles yet?


  1. I also have the first Soviet Burda (as it was distributed all over the Soviet block)! And I remember how my mom watched the news about Raisa Gorbacheva meeting Anne Burda (also a heavily publicized event in the whole Eastern Europe) a said something like "this is the first sign. they are giving up. we will be free soon." It really was a powerful symbol of changing times...

  2. Petra, thanks for commenting! I now found your blog and be following it - i can see that we share the love for Nakamichi, handworked buttonholes, Burda and vintage clothing :-) and yes, Burda release was one of the first signs of the break up... as for freedom, many people still don't have it, but this is a subject for a different conversation!

  3. Marie-Noëlle LafosseMarch 16, 2012 at 11:13 AM

    Oh la la I would love to have a look at your global Burda's collection. This is fantastic.
    D&G are amongst my designers they mastership tailoring is amazing. I thing that wrap blouse is very versatile and Feretti's dress caught my eyes as soon as I saw it in the magazine. I also adore the pencil skirt for + size

  4. Marie-Noelle, I like that skirt too. In a more dramatic color, it would remind me very much of Dita van Teese style. I like it a lot!

  5. Thank you, Marina. I just recently started to sew again after I'm still learning and/or trying to remember what my grandmother taught me long time ago (the vintage dresses were made by her sometime in the 1930s). I also have to stop being lazy and make myself to add English summaries to the posts, as I know how bad google translate is with Slavic languages... And thank you for your blog, it is a great inspiration for me!

  6. Hi Marina, 
    You have a few blog awards and a challenge waiting for you on my blog.

  7. Ok, and now I'm envious that you have the April issue already! I guess because you live in NYC?

  8. I love the lace/sheer wrap, too. The whole styling is just so pretty. Although I never saw a magazine until a few years ago, I remember the first time I found a Burda envelope pattern back in the late 80s. I grew up in the US. but Burda was a very rare and unusual bird back then--so stylish and different from all the other things I was sewing! 

  9. Oh! I love that lace top!! It's so simple but soooo good! I hope you make it. I'm already looking forward to your corselet, too.

  10. I love that second outfit; the sumptuous skirt in particular - it is a bit too tight but the shape of it is lovely and that fabric and colour are gorgeous too :) Can't help but love the shoes too! :)

  11. Marina,
    Hi, looking forward to your outfit. I am taking Susan class in Oct. this year, are you planning on going again then? I am also taking her French jacket class in June. Cissie is going to take the one in May. I hope to get up one night to Balt. to see her.  Did you ever finish you lace dress?  I finished the "Wes" dress. I just love it. I signed up and did Susan's craftsy class, I ordered it from clicking on your blog, so I hope you got credit for it.  I still would like to get to NYC and spend a day fabric shopping with you. I hope all is well with you and your family. Have a great time at Susan's class and if you do go in OCt, maybe we can be roomies again.
    Miss ya   Is Burda Style going 

  12. Is Burda style going to have these two patterns as a DL pattern on their web site?



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