Monday, March 19, 2012

You're a Couture Aficionado if...

Source: BurdaStyle

Dear readers, last year I started my couture guest blogging series on BurdaStyle with this small quiz. Almost a year later, and I am revisiting it with a slightly edited post on my own blog. Let's call it celebrating a milestone. What milestone, you may ask? A year of intensive couture learning and ... but more about it later. For now, enjoy the quiz!

So, you are an Haute Couture aficionado if:
  • know the difference between even and uneven basting stitch
  • always have handy a spool of Japanese silk basting thread and at least one pack of the finest hand sewing needles
  • have more than one type of many sewing tools and can justify why you need each of them
  • know the difference between interlining and interfacing
  • ...your F* and S* words are ‘fuse’ and 'serge'
  • have yards of silk organza in your fabric stash
  • know at least four different ways to handle darts
  • ...your seam allowances are often humongous
  • know what beeswax is used for 
  • ...sewing hand-picked zipper or hand-bound buttonholes is a breeze for you
  • often spend more time pressing than sewing
  • ...every time you sew with loosely woven fabric you feel the urge to quilt the lining
  • ...constructing a Chanel-inspired couture jacket is/was on your to-do list…and you can name at least five characteristic features of a couture Chanel jacket
  • have spent more money on sewing courses than on ready-to-wear garments
  • ...your family is versed in most couture and tailoring techniques you use and can explain them to a stranger
  • wonder why this list is so short and are able to add at least twice as many items to it

So, are you couture aficionados, readers? If yes, feel free to continue the list!


  1. Hmmm ... I guess I qualify as a "Couture Aficionado" ... then again ...

  2. wendy knox everetteMarch 19, 2012 at 12:44 PM

    I can't do bound buttonholes, but I suppose I'm guilty on most other counts. Man, I hope this doesn't mean that I will have to sort out the buttonholes now! ;)

  3. 14/16 - nearly there!

  4. And you have an growing library on couture techniques and couture designers....
    I relate big time. I realised I was in trouble when I spent hours trying to find exactly the right basting thread - sad or what...?

  5. Awesome :) I've knocked down close to all of those - there's still so much more to learn and techniques I've yet to try though! Too many things to sew... not enough time set aside to complete them all :)

  6. Didn't score too high but certainly I spent more money on my sewing hobby than any clothes!

  7. I've only just begun my sewing journey but I can say 'yes' to half a dozen of these at least... must be well on my way! :D

  8. I look sad - I only qualify for five. I'll have to work harder.

  9. I felt I'm bewitched by couture techniques the first time I managed successfully to shrink and form the fabric with steam instead of using a dart...  



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