Saturday, April 7, 2012

BurdaStyle May 2012: My favorite picks

Can you imagine, a month has passed since I posted my April favorites - and here I go again blogging about my May picks. The new issue features quite a few interesting pieces construction-wise. And vintage-inspired pieces are very cute as well. 

A beautiful linen dress - reminds me of Victoria Beckham style.
The yellow curve is very flattering as it tricks the eye and slims and elongates the body - perfect for curvy or petite women. In addition, I think, the dress is very smart - all the shaping is achieved through the curved seams that function the same way as in the princess line dress!
Tunic is the same pattern as the dress above, and I love the shape of these linen pants
I love how easy this project is - it is a skirt and a blouse, which use mostly straight seams.  Even with the couture version you won't spend much time fiddling with it. 
I also like the silhouette of this dress from their Inspired-by-Tennis feature,  minus humongous pockets that would fit the rocket and tennis balls if you decide not to carry a bag. It is a great project for textured cotton - focus on fabric!
more high-waisted goodness! always a fan of high-waisted skirts! maybe some day... oh, and the coral color is gorgeous!!!
Cute blouse - interesting idea with the lace, but it looks a little crafty, readers, won't you agree? Check out the close-up to see what I mean. The blouse and the lace have separate lives. I mean, the lace look as if it was pasted on the blouse! Is it the shape of it, or the edges, or anything else? To me, the gathering at the neckline is a problem too - If I made this style, I would gather the shoulders only, and redraft the neckline to eliminate the excess fabric. 
This vintage-inspired blouse from their California Dreamin' feature can look so pretty in eyelet or guipure. It is buttoned up in the back - cute!
Another California Dreamin' piece. This is a dress, actually... It has something, but I cannot quite warm up to it. Maybe towards winter...
finally, this piece - love the simple style. It can look quite chic in many fabrics.  
One of these is the next project for my Couture Challenge on BurdaStyle. And since I cannot quite yet reveal it I wanted to ask you, which one would YOU pick? And why? - maybe you will change my mind...


  1. SewingAndStyle DenApril 7, 2012 at 7:11 AM

    LOL- I knew which will be the opening photo for this post  before the page loaded))) Good issue, anyways

  2. Juliette_Sewing_and_StyleApril 7, 2012 at 7:12 AM

    strangely Disqus is playing with my profiles here)))) 

  3. Debi_myhappysewingplaceApril 7, 2012 at 8:03 AM

    Oh, I am definitely getting this issue!!!  Love all of these!

  4. I'd do the yellow panel dress - it's a bit TR in style - you could make all sorts of variations by changing the style lines of the coloured piece and keeping the silhouette. what about in a crepe satin and use the two sides of the fabric for effect.

  5. I would prefere the third picture (skirt an blouse with butterfly print) It look verry lovely an feminin to me. Don't forget the belt! ;)

  6. Louise DahlstromApril 7, 2012 at 9:09 AM

    Hi Marina...:-) here is my food for thought..... If you hadn't just made such a gorgeous skirt... Then the skirt for sure.....although this gorgeous skirt could be used to consolidate the knowledge of the skirt you just made.... :-) lace top... Nah u just made one..... The first dress with the modified princess line...definite possibility.... As it is very VB as you say... And could be made more couturish... Especially if the top/neckline/shoulders or ?? Capped sleeves were more sculptured... Would also look fabulous with a lace insert.... I am even thinking about this myself... I prefer the sleeved version of the tennis dress... And has possibilities with fabric choice and pocket changes.... But the piece that I think would look fabulous as couture are the asymmetric shorts... They are very stylish...but would look even better as the trouser... Very classy...:) wondered if you were trying to trick us by not I also love the winter dress as it too could be fabulous in has great lines... But that could be because we are going into winter here... The others I think are a little too casual... But love your choices... And I have a couple of fave's of my own in that issue too...:) look forward to your decision ..... Hope you are having a lovely Easter....

  7. oh WOW! I just love that curved dress/tunic. I am absolutely going to have to hunt this issue down (it's super hard to find in newsagencies where I live!)

  8. Finally, an issue that will send me back to purchase it! I'll be fighting PoppyKettle for the issue!

  9. OMG THAT SKIRT.  Please pick the skirt.  Please please please.  I love the cut and the color with a fiery passion!

  10. Elizabeth WellonsApril 9, 2012 at 12:30 PM

    Love the first dress.  Hope you chose it so that I can see what you come up with.  


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  13. Hi Marina:  My choice would definitely be the first dress --- the sheath with the curved princess seam panels.  I love the trend towards shifting the darts all over the place to experiment with shaping, and it's a natural to combine it with color blocking.  I might choose a more drapey fabric however, or one with a bit of stretch in it, because I would like to see the top and waist more fitted.  Couture, to me, implies a beautiful fit, as well as impeccable construction.

  14. wating for your more posts , love your sharing !



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