Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Couture Camp: Field Dispatch #3. Alençon Lace

Readers, this is another lace sample from Susan. What you can see here is how seams are finished on a Alençon lace blouse, and how the lace is appliqued to painstakingly match the motifs.

Here, you the armhole seam is bound with flesh-colored silk organza, which virtually disappears against the skin. This technique can be found in Valentino's Haute Couture pieces
Here, the motifs along the side seams are overlapped, trimmed and appliqued using tiny fell stitches... 

...The  same seam from the inside.
Lace scallops were appliqued to the front edge to follow the scallop edge of the hem.  
Thanks for following these little dispatches. Hope you can learn from these examples as well. Two more pieces to go!


  1. That's amazing work that you're doing.

  2. New to your blog - love it! Thanks for sharing :) This looks beautiful! I'm keeping that flesh coloured organza trick up my sleeve for future! 

  3. That lace is absolutely GORGEOUS! Love the tip for binding with flesh coloured organza - genius! :)

  4. That's a sample prepared by the teacher.  The stitches are in red the better to see them.  It is beautiful.

  5. What gorgeous work!  I am absolutely loving these posts!



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