Friday, May 4, 2012

Couture Wardrobe Challenge, May: Let's celebrate curves!

Sewing has kept me very busy recently despite the lack of posts here. A planning post for this dress (Burdastyle Magazine, May 2012) is up on their page, and I hope to finish the dress on Monday. 

If you like this style and want to learn or practice couture techniques, do check it out. Susan [Khalje] shared a few great tips on sewing curved seams and using lining. If you know the basics, you will be all set up to do it.

Otherwise, I do update my Facebook page on daily basis, with favourite links, excellent tutorials from friends, and inspiration...

Is anyone making this Burdastyle dress? Let me know, I would love to feature it here, on my blog and on my Facebook page! 


  1. Gorgeous dress Marina and can't wait to see your version.... Just don't feint modeling..... :-) you are gorgeous and have a figure to match... So don't worry about posing for the camera...... I am imagining quite a tricky dress with both concave and convex curves on the same seam.... Hope you also show us the modifications to the so proud of you for persevering !!!
    Glad you are feeling better ... Enough to blog and FB anyway.... I know there are probably moments when you wish you didn't start this challenge .... But so humbled by your determination ..... Looking forward to your next project with great interest... :-) and a full synopsis on how t ankle this fabulous dress.....
    Love Lou xx

  2. I just finished this dress, Marina!  Like you, I underlined with silk organza and lined with silk crepe de chine.  I'll send you a picture later today.  I love everything about this dress!

  3. Here is my dress, Marina.  I wore it last night and posted my review on Pattern Review.  Can't wait to see your version -- but don't show mine on the same page as yours!!!

  4. How exciting, Cissie! I am looking forward to the pictures!

  5. I tried to send you my pic but apparently it didn't work.  Any suggestions?  I did post a review on PR in which I mentioned your Burda Blog article.  

  6. Marina, with your white linen, do you have an issue with the tracing marks on the organza showing through?  If so, what do you do?

  7. I`m so jealous ! Everything looks so good on you!

  8. Thank you, Cissy!  I loved your dress!

  9. Cissy, I use waxed paper on muslin only. I just had bad experience with it on silk and any light to medium weight fabrics. What I do instead is thread-trace (and, occasionally, tailor tack)

    If you absolutely hate thread-tracing use white on white, or white on light colors, like Susan recommends. 

    Sorry, by the way, that my reply comes so late - I was side-tracked by chicken pox, PatternReview weekend and other sewing activities here in New York) 

  10. Australian DesignerJune 1, 2012 at 3:11 AM

    Stunning outfit. I don't think that I've seen this type design before.



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