Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sewing with delicate fabrics: Guess the tool!

Dear Readers, I promised you on my Facebook Page that June will be a month of sheers or delicate fabrics on my blog (partly because my next Burdastyle Couture project will be made with delicate fabrics).

And, in this first post I am asking you to guess what's the tool on the photograph below (it's related to sheers, I promise!):

The best answer will be featured in the follow up post, and I will be more than happy to promote any sewing related link included in that comment! Your turn now!


  1. It looks like a device used to extend and slippery fabric taut so it can be cut.  

    It's called some birdlike name like a "Pelican" (not the right bird).  The part on the right is the "beak" and grips one end of the fabric.  The spool on the left is used to wrap the fabric around and control the tension.In place, the fabric looks sort of like a sheet on a line.  I've only seen it in a magazine.

  2. PatthebarkingdogJune 6, 2012 at 7:56 PM

    I've heard them called "sewing bird" or "third hand" and the first poster is correct, one of its uses is to hold the fabric taut so it can be sewn.  This would be very helpful in doing a rolled hem, commonly used on sheers.

  3. I know it to be called, "the third hand".  Also mentioned on the website, the sewing workshop....

    "Also called "The Third Hand," this nifty device attaches to your sewing table, preferably right next to your sewing machine. When the clamp is holding the fabric taut, you can use both hands to sew. This tool is great for trimming seams and hems, especially on fine, slippery fabrics. Sold as a set." for 8.50.

  4. Others have already answered that it's a sewing bird or third hand to help hold fabric taut for hand sewing.  I've seen some antique ones that even come with a little velvet pin cushion attached.  I keep hoping to find a beautiful one at a yard sale or flea market.  

  5. You ladies beat me to it. 

  6. Wow, those are cool! They almost look a little steampunk, haha. I was going to guess they're used for clamping thin, sheer fabrics down for sewing/cutting, but looks like everyone else drew that conclusion too :) Still a really interesting tool!

  7. this is a sewing bird! it will be a great addition to anyone's sewing tools!

  8. I've used it to hold sheer fabric taut for trimming close to the seam.



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