Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Blogger meetup calamity or what to do if you want a new camera...

...bring it over to Mood!

Readers, blogger meetup is definitely not an intimate experience - I tell you! Yesterday I met Oona (from Kalkatroona) and Sarah (Goodbye Valentino) at Mood and there are already two juicy stories about it on their blogs, with Oona blogging about her destroying Sarah's camera and blaming me partially for the mishap.

Sarah (left) and Oona (right)
Oona must have laid out the advantages of having a camera broken by a fellow mood sewing network blogger for you can see they look very happy, both of them.

But I don't believe it was as simple as Oona claims, and Sarah treated the incident diplomatically. Can you imagine it was her birthday?.. ok, I shut up. Unfortunately I missed the whole hoo-ha as I was late! When I arrived, Oona was already offering Sarah to slam her iPhone against a wall... actually, now that I think of it, she was pointing at bolts of fabric (those at her right) - pretty smart, or? Dah! All I am left with are those snapshots of our presence at Mood (made with my camera).

The crash site!
The picture above was snapped by one of the Mood employees - I couldn't entrust Oona with my camera after all! Anyway, we had lots of fun in those five minutes at Mood as I was just picking up Sarah for a quick lunch. That's it. And if you are craving for juicier details check out Oona's post.


  1. ...... I never liked that camera and it was worth breaking just to meet you and Oona! ...... a belated birthday present is in the works :)

  2. sarah, ooooh i hope that means a shipment is on the way...marina, you just ket me know when you're ready for a new camera. i'm here to help.

  3. I just stumbled on your site after reading Oona's post one the meet-up. It's so great to 'meet' you. I'm very jealous of your meet-up, regardless if a camera was broken!

  4. You all got to shop at Mood - no matter what happened to the camera! Cute pix, and hope you all scored some great fabrics.

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  6. How fun! One of these days I'll make it over to the east coast to meet up with all of you!

  7. You know I just looked at this picture again and wondered what time were y'all in the store? I'm never there were the aisles are this empty...usually people are bumping into each other, and climbing over each other to get to that one perfect piece of fabric. Great photo! Glad you all got to meet!



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