Saturday, February 9, 2013

PMPS Draft Along: Important

Dear readers, if the next Skirt Back post appeared in your reader, please disregard it - it was unedited version. I pressed 'publish' by accident, the post is back to drafts. For now, draft the skirt front only!

Please, post the pictures of the drafted front on Flickr so I can upload the next post. Jolly drafting!


  1. HI

    I have ben trying to read your Straight Skirt Front Blog but nothing is coming up. Has this been deleted

  2. Hi Marina, I had same problem as anonymous. Nothing is coming up when I want to read your straight skirt front. Can you help me?
    Thank you:)

  3. Hana, what you are trying to access is a draft that has been posted by mistake - I removed it. The skirt front post was uploaded earlier, just check the preceding post, or go to the Sew-Along page on the blog: there is a list of all Sew-Along posts. Hope this helps



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