Wednesday, February 6, 2013

PMPS Sew-Along: Lekala Pattern 4214

Thanks, readers, for referring to this Lekala pattern:

As you see this skirt is very (very) similar to our Burberry inspiration skirt.

While I have never used Lekala patterns before, I must say it looks very promising and, if it is as good as it looks, we can use it in our sew-along. Our drafting plan will remain unchanged though, we will draft the skirt as planned - it is a great exercise in patternmaking.


The site claims it is a custom fit.  With 4 (or 5) personalized measurements that you enter at check out, it probably comes closer to the real you than the Big 4. It should work well with a skirt, but I believe that the more complex the garment the less fit you get - it just doesn't take into consideration all the specifics of your figure. What these patterns do, obviously, is accomodate your height, your waist and your hips, but the remaining measurements that are plugged into system are taken from a 'standard' model. So the claim is somewhat high, but it is not that important for a skirt, which doesn't have as many variables as a jacket, for example.


I read those comments on sewing forums about spam, dangerous files, etc... Personally, I don't think the site is hijacked by some dangerous hackers targeting international home-sewing community. I bought the pattern using Paypal, downloaded the pattern and instructions, and my inbox is so far free from Russian spam. If you don't hear from me tomorrow, or the blog suddenly disappears - you will know who is behind it. Otherwise, Lekala seems to be a normal (Russia-based, I believe) business that tries to sell personalized computer-generated patterns for a very affordable price.


If you worked with downloadable patterns before, this is no different. One annoying thing, though, is that the page layout is not very economical. My order was for a A4 paper format and I got a 38-page download, with 10 empty pages in between (they do print with a page identifier, though). I will go on and delete those empty pages in Adobe Acrobat, but not everyone knows how to do it.

As for delivery, the PDF containing the pattern was in my inbox in less than an hour. Since I have ordered as a guest, without registering, I had to download the instructions (a separate PDF) from the Lekala site directly. The instructions are very brief, and the translation from Russian is not very good, but you can definitely follow them. It is rather a list of steps, not a detailed description of the process - not very useful for a beginner.


I will try to make a muslin this weekend and report to you next week. If you are very keen to start on it on your own, here is the link. The pattern costs an amazing $2.49, and if you register you will get further 10% off. No advertising, really, just facts.

Have you had any experience using Lekala patterns? Would you use this particular pattern for our sew-along? If not, why?


  1. You welcome, Marina :)

    I have known the pattern company for some time now, haven't had the chance to use the patterns yet. also work with them and on sale you can get a personalized pattern for as little as a dollar. I am glad you wrote a whole post on it, since it might give this Russian company some exposure it needs. I think their objective is great.

  2. I sewed the jacket 5746 - and it turned out really well. I did have to do some tweaking to get the fit perfect, but expected that.
    The instructions aren't the greatest, but having experience with Burda's hieroglyphics helped me decipher them :-)
    I like the variety that they offer - and I've never been subjected to any Russian spam.

  3. I have ordered from this company and as yet (4 weeks) later no spam - the offers of companionship from Svetlana came from another site months ago!!! It was very hard to get rid of her but nothing new since trying out this pattern company. So far the top looks like it might be a good fit. I am very interested in how you go with this pattern.

  4. Hallo Marina,
    ich weiß nciht mehr,ob ich dir das schon geschrieben habe oder ob du selbst schon hinweise dazu gegeben hast?
    die russen auf dem "season"-forum haben den rock und die kosntruktion siziert.
    im prinzip braucht man dazu kein russisch. technische sprache ist international.
    hier ist der link:

  5. I wonder if there is a way to assemble the pattern sheets on the computer and then take the files to a shop or someone with a large-format printer.

    New York Sewer

    1. The original russian site gives you the option of having it sent in other sizes and file options. The US site is a little watered down and more expensive. If you can called $2.49 expensive

    2. Thank you, Natasha. Yes, $2.49 is a great deal if these are good patterns.

      I imagine one could download the files and assemble them using an Adobe program. It's too much work for me. :-) But I have a relative with a large-format printer who is willing to print off the pieces for me should I ever decide to attempt it.

      New York Sewer

    3. If there plotter can use a .plt file (precursor to pdf) then on the leko-mail site you can ask for the file to be made x wide by x long. That would mean no taping. The fit is pretty amazing and I find the taping together pretty easy now. I don't assemble the whole thing I chop it up and just make it piece by piece.

      I do like these patterns as a plus size gal the fit is pretty amazing out of the box.

  6. I've been curious about Leekala patterns too, so your feedback is appreciated. I probably won't use this pattern - I'm looking forward to the drafting process.

  7. I love the Lekala patterns but I actually use the Russian site (translated into English) vs the site designed for American. They have more patterns available (including more free ones). The price is better. 10 credits for 5 euro which usually ends up being $6-7 USD. It's 1 credit for no seam allowances or 2 credits for seam allowances (3/8") So I like that option I'll order without SA when I know I'm going to have a specific opinion on the matter.

    Now the reason thumbs up for is they really truly DO fit well and this is the reason I suggest the original leko-mail site. On that site you can create a data string where in addition to the 4-5 measurements the US site allows you to enter it allows you to input whether you have narrow shoulders, broad back, large bust, droppy well you know, arm length.

    Anyways I love them I was able to get an amazing fit on a 50" for a fitted jacket and probably could have ended up not doing a muslin. The only thing I needed to do was narrow shoulders since I didn't pick that in the data string. The length was perfect. So I suggest using the expanded fitting.

    I am not affiliated with the site. I just love them. I know my name is Natasha but I am a NZ expat residing in the US

  8. I ve used Lekala patterns a few times.They are very easy to understand if you have some experience. Having sewn with burda helps a lot. They do fit amazingly even me and I can usually make them better with really basic alterations. Unfortunately they do consume a lot of paper. I use scrap paper and choose not to print the blank pages. I also use the draft choice on my priner to save ink. As for printing them with aploter, I did it once and it was way too expensive. The amazing thing is they have many patterns that "copy " known brands, like the dress of Duchess Cate, I posted in my blog a year ago or so.

  9. Love this skirt! I am sure it was successful sew along ;-)



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