Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sew Grateful to...

It's Sew Grateful Week Tuesday and, according to the plan, it is time for a reflection post. Phew, there is really a lot to reflect about, but I will be short and say a few very short words about people who played a particularly big role in my couture adventure.

First of all, Susan Khalje, an amazing couture teacher and instructor, or a couture fairy according to my fellow blogger Clio of Clio and Phineas. "Bibbidi-bobbidy-boo, you can sew lace!" said Susan waving her magic wand, and Clio went off and made a stunning silk and lace slip. Yes, Susan is my couture fairy too :)

Susan usually comes in duo with Kenneth D. King. Oh, Kenneth D. King and his Fortuny jackets. Kenneth is constantly experimenting and improving and learning and teaching. His teaching materials always have some updates, and in his class he would suddenly clap his hands and report about his most recent improvement of, say, welt pocket construction technique. He doesn't like when others talk a lot (during his classes), but he will talk all the time and you better listen because he is truly a well of knowledge and wisdom, even if some of his personal anecdotes are repeated more than once.

I am also very grateful to many fellow bloggers and former classmates who have become my close friends over the past three years, and, especially, my dear friend Rosie, Diane, Nel and Inna of Thewallina and other creatures. Thanks to you all, my readers, for reading my blog, leaving comments and being part of my couture adventure.

And, finally, I am so grateful to my family, and, especially, my husband who can now make a perfect couture small talk with any expert out there. I am so proud of him ;)


  1. We are so thankful for the generous sharing of your knowledge and inspiration.

  2. kenneth did a great session on leather last night that was very exciting and inspiring! i love him AND susan.

    1. amazing post. You are taking more risk to update good post in your blog. Thanks for your good post. Keep it up.

      Thanks & Regrads
      Super p force

  3. It IS wonderful to have so many great teachers and such a supportive community. I definitely will be taking more classes with Susan and Kenneth.

  4. Marina, it is my pleasure and honor to be considered your friend. You are talented and thank you for sharing your knowledge with us and also providing inspiration. And yes, we do love Susan and Kenneth (and his anecdotes). We have shared lots of laughs and I look forward to many more.

  5. Aww, thank you so much for the lovely words! I also am very grateful to have met you! Not only you are such an amazing and talanted woman, you are also a limitless source of inspiration and knowledge!



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