Friday, May 17, 2013

New vintage trends and pattern matching

Few weeks ago, I spotted this skirt by the Vivienne Westwood Anglomania label. It sold out on net-a-porter for a 'mere' $519 - it's her mass market line after all, right? But I loved the skirt for its pleat manipulation and some vintage feel (just imagine it with a petticoat)

Now, imagine my surprise when I went through my skirt patterns and found this:

There is of course, some difference between the skirts: the pleats on the pattern cross, while the VVA pleats cross on the right, with one more slanted pleat on the left.  To be honest, I like the pattern version more, but I absolutely love the blown up digital print on the VVA skirt.

The bad thing is the pattern is for the 33" hip, just a few inches less than mine. And with all that dart intake obsessiveness going on on my mind, I think I will just draft a new pattern based on the vintage one. That is if I have time for it - I still need to finish two summer skirts for myself and a dress for a client.

By the way, I found the same skirt on Zappos, but this time it is in solid cotton. What a difference, right?

What recent trends do you love, readers? I know, we all love timeless pieces, but maybe there is something new you discovered this season or two?


  1. wow!! perfect match and gorgeous skirt:-) if you make this could you please show in progress shots?

    happy sewing!


  2. beautiful skirt and beautiful print on the Vivian Westwood skirt. I like the vintage version too, and would echo "A" and would love to see a picture of the pattern pieces so that I can try drafting one myself!

  3. Hmm interesting ... I will stay tuned

  4. Wow, what a lovely pattern! Those pleats are so graceful and pretty.

  5. wow this is so major!! that westwood dress is uber chic , it is kind of shocking to think how much they can charge just because of a label they stuck to the back which no one can see anyway!
    I am uber jealous of your tailoring skills, to have the knowledge and know how to make something unique and even better quality that a couture house could create is rather cool. I hope one day I can do the same too!

    in terms of a trend... it's not something you would make, but rather the material which you would make garments out of... holographic material, for an oversize tee shirt... kind of bold and out there, its defo a show stopper and not for the faint hearted!!


  6. I love that fabric and I love that the rose stems match up although I guess that theywould given it is folded . I am so sick of expensive clothes not bothering to match patterns. The skirt is a lovely one , something my ver slim mum would have worn when she was 18 . Love it .

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