Friday, May 10, 2013

The link I HAD TO share: hand-made dress shirts

Ok, if you are following my Facebook page you have already seen those (yes, it is much easier to update the Facebook page than the blog), but I still wanted to share this link here. Facebook timeline is like the dark matter of internet - you know something is there but after a while all your links and status updates are impossible to locate. So, here we go!

Dress shirts: hand-made is better - This post, readers... this post is a jewel of all aficionados of hand-made. This occasionally updated blog is a sartorial treat and, if you are into tailoring, you have to give it a good read! To make it even more enticing, here are some teaser pictures from the post, featuring some of the world's best hand-made shirts.

exquisite hand-sewn buttonhole

undercollar has a cut-out canvas, which allows for a better roll. 

partly hand-sewn flat-felled seam

Now, tell me you are not impressed !


  1. Thank you. I like the Mary Frittolini site too.

  2. Thanks for this link. I am sharing it with the tailor at our costume shop. He'll love it.

  3. So I might have went back to Target and got the other two dresses scoop neckline dress



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