Friday, November 22, 2013

As I work on my dress...

Thanks, T. & M. for this wonderful welcome gift!
This motivational mug is my new companion as I am writing planning notes for the Gucci-inspired Christmas dress. I am taking pictures and documenting the process, and will share with you couture techniques used in the construction of this dress. Thanks to everyone for your commitment, support and wonderful comments! Some exciting announcements to follow, so stay tuned, readers!


  1. Loving your motivation mug!
    Enjoy each step of construction!


  2. I am so glad your move was successful and you have begun to blog again. I relish is your abilities and am transfixed by your skill and technical expertise. I await each new post.

    Great mug....!


  3. It's a darling dress! i actually just like the colours.
    I love tiny ruffles on some things, but most ruffles at a little associate degree excessive quantity of on behalf of American state, which i prefer single-edged ruffles over ambiguous, so i would possibly leave these off too.
    From viewing the pattern page, it's not straightforward to induce those ruffles aligned... the instance ruffles aren't completely straight or completely placed either.
    Wedding dresswedding dress

  4. I really like your new dress. I think this is my new suggested clothing too :) I wish I could have abilities like yours and I really like how you launched this on my birthday!!!! I really wish I could get one of your clothing I just really like them :)

  5. Sooo true. Thanks for sharing,



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