Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fabric abstinence, revisited...

With the climate being really mild here in Cyprus, I really don't have enough warm-weather fabrics. In fact, yesterday was the first time I had to wear my light bouclé cape, but that was an exception.

I thought, yay, fabric stash, here I come. But then I realized that I got mostly wool and special occasion fabrics. Ok,  I do have a few, but not enough.

There are a couple of nice fabric stores here  in Nicosia, but the choice is limited, so I went over to Gorgeous Fabrics (I guess the big pond is no obstacle for a hardcore fabricoholic) and filled up my wish list with silky and flowery treasures:
Images: GorgeousFabrics.com

On the top left, designer print silk georgette and matching chiffon (bottom right). I thought georgette would make a great lining for a black Chanel-inspired jacket, or a skirt, or both (not necessarily worn together, of course). Matching chiffon will look great as a simple top to pair with jeans, or any solid color garment pieces.

Red silk jersey on the top right is being contemplated for a simple wrap dress à la Diane von Furstenberg, and the golden brocade on the bottom left will probably end up as a high-waisted A-line skirt.

What fabrics do you (plan to) sew with this season (i.e. stock up your stash with for the hard times)?


  1. Very beautiful choices! I have the red silk jersey print as well. I am making a wrap dress (just went to DVF to try some on a few nights ago). It is really beautiful and the drape is fabulous!

  2. Nice choices. It looks like you'll be spending a lot of your fabric budget on shipping!

    1. Thanks, Nancy. No, the shipping is very reasonable to make it worth buying it across the ocean in fact. Can you imagine? Silks here, or in many European countries, are almost double the price. I am talking about retail stores, who source their fabrics differently than the stores in the Garment District for example. Silk charmeuse, for example, is around 35 euro per meter (4" longer than a yard). The best part is that silks don't take up a lot of room, so can be shipped very compactly. But, of course, I 'd pay more than you in this case. Lucky you with all the access to all the fabric stores:)

    2. Lovely choices. What is a Euro worth compared to the US dollar? I am just so excited you are back and looking so forward to whatever you publish. It's always a pleasure to visit your blog.

  3. You found some luscious fabrics, Marina. Can't wait to see the finished products. Let us know how the georgette works as a lining on a quilted jacket as I have been afraid that it was a tad too sheer. My stash is a bit on the obsessive side so I am trying not to buy anymore until I have sewn up some of what is already cluttering my work space! BTW, as of last week, the Euro conversion was $1.37.

  4. I totally thought of a wrap dress when I saw that divine red silk... oh I cannot wait to see what you make!! :) If you need someone to offload your wools on, I'm happy to take them off your hands; here we are getting frost and the temperatures are fast approaching 0 Celcius ;) ^_^



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