Tuesday, March 12, 2013

CoutureGRAM: Burberry Prorsum zipper remedy

Things got really busy here, readers, and after a few trial runs, I am ready to launch my own couture business. The content of this blog will slightly change, and I hope I will be able to show some of my work and a few behind-the-seams posts. This will mean, however, less frequent posts as I really want to focus on quality.

The sew-along update will come this week - sorry for the slow speed. I have a lot of respect for those seasoned sew-along organizers like Gretchen, or Casey, or Tasia...  As for me, this skirt sew-along or draft-along will be the last one for a while, sorry. My biggest problem is the time, especially now.

Now, the previous post (the Chanel jacket mysteries) was a lot of fun. I got a looot of great comments, thanks. Isn't it fun to have a look at some amazing garment and pedantically dissect it, section by section.

So here is our next Couturegram post. It is not an haute couture piece, but quite elaborate bustier by Burberry Prorsum. I really liked it - mostly because it is influenced by Dior, and I love Dior (yes, me too). And I love the peplum...

Source: Saks Fifth Avenue
Now look at this zipper. While I thought it is a good choice to have a metal zipper which can handle stress, the fabric along it just can't handle all the stress. In the peplum area, along the zipper, it's behaving well, exposing only a thin line of metal teeth - there is no stress in this section. From the waist up, however, there is a lot of pulling.

Source: Saks Fifth Avenue
So, here is my question: what would you do to remedy this problem, or, how would you construct the garment to avoid this pulling at the zipper?


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