Monday, January 27, 2014

Hand Embroidery: the second sampler is complete

It is gray, chilly and damp here in Nicosia, and all I want is cuddle up on a sofa and do something that doesn't require too much energy... A perfect slow day for the Craftsy hand embroidery class.

This time I completed Lesson 3, Looped stitches, and finished the second sampler.
Stitches, from the top down: 
1. Chain stitch; 2. Zigzag chain stitch; 3. Open chain; 4. Detached chain & Lazy Daisy; 5. Fly stitch; 6. Feather stitch; 7. Buttonhole stitch; 8. Couching stitch.
The deeper I delve into this new craft, the more I am convinced that I want to use a lot of embroidery in my sewing. Once I am finished with this beginner course, I will try integrating some beading as well, and create the first more complex embellishments.

But until then, let me share a few more thoughts about the class. I could not resist checking a few  embroidery tutorials on the web, and realized that Jessica (the Craftsy instructor) has great tips on how to achieve more consistent stitches. In the 2nd lesson, for example, she showed her way of doing the threaded and the whip stitches, which makes it easier to move the needle in and out of the stitches. She also demonstrated an easier way of making the stem stitch. By the way, since my last embroidery post, there was no long waiting for the replies.

Thanks everyone for checking out my embroidery Pinterest board! I was so excited to see so many repins that I had to check out your pins as well and got literally sucked in - I had just four hours of sleep last night :).. Well, that's it for today, readers. I got to do my Greek homework - the class is in one hour and I still have to complete five exercises. Antios!


  1. The samplers are gorgeous. I love that you put the thought in to using a beautiful colour palette. Can't wait to see how you use this in a garment!

  2. third lesson? Very impressive!

  3. The samplers are really gorgeous - I love the colours you are using. I am also interested in hearing your thoughts about Cyprus and living in Nicosia. I lived there for 12 months when I was 24 (1984!). My mother is from there and I love going but they are so different from Greeks (from Greece) and ssooooo different from us in Australia. I'm impressed you are learning Greek also.. it's not easy but it does make sense (eventually). Although summer is glorious in Cyprus (as I love summer); winter can be awfully wet and very cold.

  4. Gorgeous stitches and great precision! I have always loved the looks of hand embroidered details, but never had the patience to do it myself. Looking forward to seeing your garments with such a great embelishment.

  5. Thanks so much for this! I'm trying to make some plushy toys but I really hate eye beads, and being inexperienced with stitching I didn't know what to look for ^^ this is a great tutorial , thank you! <3

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